Changtai robot: the pearl on the crown of manufacturing industry
Core hints :On January 8, the exhibition hall of Hunan industrial robot industrial demonstration park in yuhua economic development zone, Changsha, " Changsha No.1" robot was especially conspicuous.

Release date:2018-05-22

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Independent innovation creates " Chinese brain"
On January 8, the exhibition hall of Hunan industrial robot industrial demonstration park in yuhua economic development zone, Changsha, " Changsha No.1" robot was especially conspicuous.
This 6 - axis robot built by Changsha Changtai robot co., ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Changtai robot company" ) has flexible limbs and developed brains and is renowned in the domestic robot industry.
"' Changsha No. 1' has a built-in general robot software process package, which can execute spraying, stacking, loading and unloading procedures according to application requirements. Yang yang, chairman of Changtai robot company, took out a hard disk-shaped black box and told reporters that this is the brain of the robot, which integrates innovative algorithms of relevant data and has strong information processing capability. Changtai robot company is the first in the industry to implement the hardware implementation of the robot control system.
The control system, servo motor and reducer are the three key components of the robot body and have long been monopolized by foreign enterprises.
Changtai robot company implanted the " Chinese brain" into the robot through continuous independent innovation and tackling key control systems.
" the company has an average patent for every 3 employees. Yang yang introduced that in 2017, Changtai robot company applied for 40 patents for inventions, ranking second among domestic intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the " top 10 list of intelligent manufacturing patent applications" and became the enterprise with the strongest innovation capability in the domestic robot industry.
This is also the secret for Changtai robot company to emerge as a leading manufacturer of intelligent terminals in the robot industry across the country.
Casting is the foundation of manufacturing industry. Surface cleaning of castings is a type of work with poor working conditions and heavy pollution. In 2014, Changtai robot company innovatively developed a casting cleaning system and won the international robot industry " Oscar award" - iera invention and innovation award, breaking the monopoly of foreign robot enterprises in this field and filling the gap in the domestic market.
" compared with the traditional process, the robot casting cleaning system can improve the efficiency by more than 40 %, and also liberate workers from the noise and dust working environment. Yang yang introduced that in 2017, the industrialization of Changtai robot company's casting cleaning system accelerated, boosting " Changsha No.1" robot to enter the fields of automobile, casting and spaceflight.
Seizing the high ground of domestic robot application market
Last year, " Wolf Warriors 2" became the hottest movie in China.
The " Wolf Warriors" car, Beiqi bj40 SUV, has also become a star product of SUVs.
And BAIC bj40 off-road vehicle is manufactured by the intelligent production line provided by Changtai robot company.
After the film was screened, Changtai robot company became famous. During the month when the film was released, orders for Changtai robot company increased dramatically, reaching nearly 50 million yuan.
" robots are the pearl of the manufacturing crown! Yang yang, chairman of Changtai robot company, believes that robots are a comprehensive system engineering that integrates software, hardware, chips, content and services, instead of just seeing the robot itself or a robot arm.
" Changtai robot company not only owns its own brand of robots, but also provides complete sets of intelligent equipment. Yang yang introduced that Changtai robot company has core technologies such as overall process planning, reasonable equipment layout, parameter setting, and visual application for the intelligent transformation of production lines in manufacturing enterprises.
China has become the world's largest industrial robot market. However, in the application field of Chinese industrial robots, foreign brands almost monopolize high-end industries such as automobile manufacturing, and only a few Chinese robot enterprises can " gobble up food" from foreign robot giants.
Changtai robot company can be said to be a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers.
Starting from a single station for welding and assembling cars, to having key station technology of flexible assembly and assembling, and to designing and processing welding and assembling lines, the Changtai robot has broken through the welding and assembling process step by step from point to line and from surface to surface, and successfully entered the automobile field in 2011.
At present, the product line of Changtai robot co., ltd. serves domestic major automobile host manufacturers, including Dongfeng, BAIC, Geely, Changfeng, BYD, GM, etc., and has covered the whole process of several major automobile manufacturing processes.
Changtai robot company has also successfully developed the whole process casting production line, intelligent logistics production line, dangerous goods intelligent manufacturing complete sets of equipment and other products, which are widely used in engineering machinery, rail transportation, aerospace, civil explosive and other fields to seize the domestic robot application heights.
Innovate the system and mechanism, and revive from the fire
Changtai robot company is famous, but on a small scale. in recent years, its annual sales revenue has stabilized at about 200 million yuan.
" due to the restriction of system and mechanism, it is difficult for enterprises to do their best. customers have remained in over 100 households for many years and the application field is single, which affects the development of enterprises. Yang yang, chairman of Changtai robot, said that Hunan zhongnan intelligent equipment co., ltd., affiliated to the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the province, recently acquired Changtai robot company and implemented joint-stock reform, with 39 % of its employees holding shares.
" the restructuring will bring the enterprise back to life. Yang yang believes that changing employees into shareholders will greatly stimulate the vitality of the enterprise.
The restructured Changtai robot company will base itself on Hunan and face the whole country to provide intelligent solutions for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry chain. Changtai robot company will focus on intelligent manufacturing and create a new pattern of China's robot system integration industry.
As the vice-chairman unit of the China robot industry alliance, the leading position of Changtai robot in the field of China's industrial robots is evident. Yang yang said that the company will give full play to its technical advantages, build new industrial service robots, and make new breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.
" China's robot market has broad application prospect. Yang yang is full of confidence in the development of the enterprise. next, Changtai robot company will strive to develop aerospace, new energy vehicles, medicine, service robots and other fields. it is estimated that 80 new customers will be added this year, and the sales revenue will show an explosive growth in the next few years.

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