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Detailed description of the product
Product characteristics
Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a novel transmission mechanism that accepts the principle of few teeth planetary transmission and cycloidal pin teeth meshing with reference to JB / t 2982. it is widely used in driving and decelerating installation in textile printing and dyeing, light industry food, metallurgical mines, petrochemical industry, hoisting and transportation, and engineering machinery and other fields.
1. high speed ratio and high obedience
Single - stage transmission can achieve a reduction ratio of 1: 87, which is more than 90 %. if multi-stage transmission is accepted, the reduction ratio will be even greater.
2. loose structure and small volume
Accepting the principle of planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis, with loose structure and small volume.
3. convenient disassembly and assembly, simple maintenance
Reasonable structure, simple disassembly and assembly, and convenient maintenance.
4. stable operation and low noise
Cycloidal pin teeth have a large number of teeth, and the stacking coefficient is large and the mechanism of parts being stable makes vibration and noise control at a minimum level.
5. reliable utilization and long service life
The secondary transmission engagement member is made of bearing steel, which has good machine function, oil sliding rotation friction, and is more durable and has long service life.
6. strong overload ability, resistance to attack and small inertia moment
It is used to start frequent and correct rotation places.
The cylindrical gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism, which controls the speed converter of the gear to reduce the number of rotations of the machine to the required number of rotations and obtain the installation of larger torque. Cylindrical gear reducer is a relatively fine machine. its aim is to reduce rotational speed and increase torque.
The gear of the cylindrical gear reducer receives carburizing, quenching and gear grinding processing, so that the bearing capacity is high and the noise is low. It is mainly used in belt conveyors and all kinds of transportation machines, and can also be used in other general purpose machines. It has the advantages of high carrying capacity, long service life, small volume, high compliance, light weight, etc. and is used in the transmission installation for the purpose of inserting the input shaft and the output shaft into a vertical target.
Cylindrical gear reducers are widely used in metallurgy, mining, hoisting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine making and other fields.
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