Automatic manipulator thancer - DJ - 400 multi-functional high-speed manipulator for handling robot

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Detailed description of the product
Characteristics of multifunctional high-speed robot products;
1, discontinuous feeding and stacking can be realized
2. 100 % active material distribution can be realized. There are different ways to divide different materials: for example, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, thick material, thin plate, steel and other different materials are also divided into rack material and magnet material.
3, various oiling methods can be realized; According to the differences of the products, two-sided plastering, one-sided plastering, annular plastering and partial plastering can satisfy the different plastering requirements.
4, double or multiple pieces of detection products can be realized; Omni - directional testing, testing whether the material can be taken out in a single sheet, using a tension and explosion sensor, testing the tensile properties of the product. Fully active stretching homework and various feeding methods can be realized
5. one person can control multiple consumption lines at the same time;
6, can satisfy any stretching material, stretching machine use place; Accept servo-driven double-counting robot arm, with fast and accurate running speed and repeated positioning accuracy within 0.1 mm.
7. the equipment is equipped with an oil storage tank for wiping oil. the oil pump supplies oil on its own initiative and receives and controls the drawing oil in full initiative.
8. a variety of testing methods and steps to protect the tranquility of molds and equipment;
9. all kinds of robots and active consumption lines can be used together to realize full active consumption;
10. the first utility robot in the sea is used in any stretching machine, hydraulic press, oil press and punching machine.
11, can be made according to the customer's different materials
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