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Ws - 315 inverter argon arc / hand arc welder welding and cutting equipment

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Detailed description of the product
Ws series MMA / TIG inverter argon arc / hand arc welder
I. product features:
Argon welding and arc welding are both used to facilitate flow operation and work.
Star - winning feature: designed for long-distance operation of mobile operations.
Ii. characteristics and uses
1. adopting advanced MOSFET inverter technology, high efficiency, energy saving and power saving.
Pwm control technology is adopted, with good constant current characteristics and stable arc.
2. one machine is versatile and suitable for argon arc welding and manual welding of various metals.
3. good arc striking performance and beautiful weld formation.
4. it is small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry, and is especially suitable for occasions with large fluidity and aerial work.
5. suitable for decoration, hardware, mechanical and electrical equipment, electrical construction, bridge construction and other fields.
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