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KYODO in collaboration with MOLYWHITE RE NO. 00 Robotic Grease Collaborative Grease

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Detailed description of the product
 Product description:

Good hypothermia, -50 ~ 140 degrees.
Low Bearing Noise Performance
Synthetic grease, long lubrication life
Product application:
Small sealing bearings, extremely warm bearings, grinding machine high speed spindle, starting motor, small precision reducer
For SMT equipment lubricating cutter device, sucker, gear, IC package testing machine(clean room)
Same brand type:
KYODO Yushi Tmo 150, KYODO CITRAX EP NO. 1, Multemp FZ 00, Unreservoir DL-2T(GKL-2-100), VIGOGREASE RE 0, MOLYHITE RE NO00, etc..
Shanghai Morun, a leading MRO chemical service provider
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Tel: 021-50110908 Enterprise QQ: 28512 66529
Transport instructions
Morun F& L and domestic well-known express company Shunfeng, Debang, etc., to ensure that your goods and invoices arrive safely and quickly, once the goods are issued, the sales staff will give you the corresponding express delivery number.
Quality protection
Morun F& L to assure you that the goods sold are imported from abroad, can provide warranty, customs declaration, certificate of origin and other qualified materials, and can issue regular invoices.
Warm tips.
We will have someone to follow up on your consultation. The working hours of the consultation are: Monday to Friday. 9:00 -17:30, 1 working day(except holidays) will give you a reply as soon as possible, please wait patiently.
If your question is particularly urgent, please call our customer hotline 021-50110908 or the corresponding sales phone number.
Our strengths:
1. Real goods, original imports
With its long-term strategic partnerships with many foreign brand manufacturers, as well as its strong international procurement capabilities, the experience accumulated over the years in the MRO Chemicals Project program can help customers quickly find the source of the original product, import the original product, and maintain the availability capacity for a long time.
2. Spot, complete categories
Morun has more than 1,000 square physical warehouses in the Shanghai Free Trade Area, more than 30,000 products SKUs and complete product inventories, and implements rapid response and customization requirements in all aspects.
3. Transportation, safe and fast
With its global supplier network and high-quality international cargo and express carriers, as well as its own import and Export Business License and Dangerous Chemicals Business License, Morun ensures that the goods we import can be safely and promptly shipped to Shanghai.
4. ERP, Information Platform
With the leading ERP management system and Cisco's videoconferencing system, rapid information exchange, cross-regional communication and collaboration between international suppliers are achieved.
Our dominant brand:
United States:
JET-LUBE, NyeNai, LubriplateWeiss, LE, TS-MLOY, Aerospace, Mc-Lube, Bel-Ray Bellevue, VAL-TEX, SuperLube Shuperun, LA-CO, EverLube, Descogede, CONOCO, Navagard, Swepco, Chevron, Chevron, Chevron CRC. DOW CORNING Road Corning.
Castrol Gashdo, Kluberkelubo, Fuchsfusi, TUNAP Tongnaobao, Aeroshell Aviation Shell, FAG, LUBCON, Setral Moderate, ADDINOL, Lubcon Laobao, HOUGHTON Good Fulton, TECCEM Tecomo, Kluthhekrit.
KYODO Collaboration, SUMICO Live Mine, NOK, ShellShowa Shell, Nicholas, Lube, Molykote, THK.
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