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Detailed description of the product
 Product introduction: 1, clean and clean appearance. Most of the outer body is made of stainless steel materials that are pressed according to the human body shape. The internal power device and transmission device are installed. The external CNC device is 2, the weight is light, and the overall weight is about 100 kilograms. Size: 950 × 850 × 14003, Save electricity, no more than 3 degrees every 12 hours, work efficiently, there is no fatigue and emotional factors compared to artificial technicians, no need to pay wages, food, housing, welfare and other expenses, really can be a long-term benefit, is your best choice .5, The cut-out noodles are like willow leaves, narrow, thin and thick, which is difficult for artificial technicians to achieve, and the failure rate is low and easy to maintain.
1, Linzhou automatic cutting face machine, Aotemandao cutting face robot, product detailed description
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2, Linzhou automatic cutting face machine, Aotemandao cutting face robot, product detailed description of a variety of model pictures
Model No.: RL174221 Altman Fast Cutting Mater Model: RL174246 Commercial Automatic Aotemandao Mater Model: RL184859 Shear Maker
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3, Linzhou automatic cutting face machine, Aotemandao cutting face robot, product detailed description of various types of content
Model No.: RL174221 Altman fast cutter
brief introduction
A series of intelligent machined robot machine is a kind of machine device that replaces the artificial technician to perform the cutting work. It can not only complete standardized cutting work according to pre-arranged procedures, but also temporarily accept manual instructions to change the work status; It is a major breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in the catering field.
Equipment performance
1, most of the outer body is made of stainless steel materials according to the shape of the human body, built-in power devices and transmission control devices; 2, the overall weight is only about 50 kilograms, the size of the circumference: 550 * 480 * 1000 mm 3, power consumption province, 12 hours of power consumption does not exceed 3 degrees. 4, work efficiency, compared to the manual technicians, there is no fatigue and emotional fluctuations affecting the work efficiency. It is not necessary to employ manual technicians to pay all the labor costs such as wages, food, accommodation and benefits. What an investment! 5, cut out of the face such as willow leaves, the length and thickness of uniform adjustable, mouth feel tendons, this point is difficult for artificial technicians to achieve. 6, more than 6 years of service life is no problem, the failure rate is extremely low, random backup vulnerable parts. The bottom is equipped with universal wheels for easy movement and fixation, and the operation method is extremely simple.
Product characteristics
1, this machine shell is made of stainless steel packaging, with neat and beautiful, long service life, safety and hygiene, etc.. The cutting machine uses a mechanical way to reproduce the essence of the production of Shanxidao, and on this basis, it solves the problem of artificial kneading and cutting. The quality difference of the surface. The unique secondary kneading process of the cutter is such that the gluten pattern is formed exactly along the direction of the cutter, so the noodle taste is better than that of the hand cutter. 3, cutting face can cut 3-5 pounds per minute, not only can the cutter from the heavy physical labor completely liberated, but also to deal with the daily peak of passenger flow is handy, leisurely, customer satisfaction will be greatly improved. 4, easy to use. The noodles cut by the cutter are narrow and thin and can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different customers. 5, the shape of the noodles cut out of the knife noodle machine is beautiful, the thick edges are thin, the edges are clear, the length is uniform, the entrance is smooth, and the cooking is resistant to softening and non-sticking. The more chewing, the more delicious and delicious. 6, cutting face machine does not eat and drink, save expenses, can easily achieve kitchen standardization and mechanization operations, greatly reduce management costs, improve work efficiency and work quality. Reduce pressure on managers to work. Lower the cost of the kitchen, once invested, so that you save heart, rest assured!
Method of use of robot cutting machine
1. Plug in the power. 2. Press the up button to raise the right arm of the machine to position. 3. Rub the good dough into a crescent shape and place it on the support panel of your left arm. 4. Press the drop button, then drop the right arm of the hand-held blade and stop at 0.5 mm from the surface of the dough. 5. Press the start button to put the machine into the state of formal cutting. 6. According to the number of one-time cuts, you can freely adjust large bowls, medium bowls, and small bowls. Such as; Need three big bowl, set up after, press run. The general large bowl can be set to run between 150-200, depending on the length of the face and the size of the bowl. 7. The thickness of the noodles and the adjustment of the size of the bowl; Noodle thickness, bowl size and seconds, can adjust the thickness of noodles according to the user's needs. 8. Narrow adjustment of the width of the noodles: Turn the screw outward and rotate the noodles inward to narrow, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the customer's requirements.
matters needing attention
Second, check the balance of the machine first, keep the level without tilt; Observe the blade of the machined robot and check whether it is normal(based on the fact that there is no residue above, there is no gap or obstruction); The cutting panel shall be fixed to the bayonet and the Cato without great shaking; Four-sided screws should just get stuck, Cato. 1, the blade face robot is placed firmly, plug in the 220V power supply,(the power supply is unstable area is recommended to use the regulator connection; Ensure that the ground line connection is normal); Wait for the eye and the indicator light to shine for a few seconds, without any exceptions, you can proceed with the next operation. 2, check the left bottom of the blade robot control button is not abnormal,(from left to right, green, red, blue, blue, button control machine movement function is: start, pause, move down, Move up) Hold down the blue up button to raise the robot's right arm to height. 3, balance off the panel, knead the good dough into a crescent shape(crescent shape for the shape of the dough), so that the dough and the panel adhesion does not slide, do not take off, placed on the left arm of the tray. 4, gently shake the knife with the hand to ensure that the knife is fixed; After checking that the fixed knife nut is not loose, click the blue drop button to reduce the blade held by the robot's right hand to a position of 0.5 CM above the center surface of the dough. 5, press the green start button, at this time the machine will enter the formal state of work. 6, press the red stop button at any time according to the demand, when the robot arm stops working, you can handle other things. If there is no stop, you should try to press the red button again. If the robot arm is still working, please cut off the power. After waiting a moment, start repeating 1-6 actions again. If it still appears as above, please contact the agent or company technician immediately. 7, when the robot cutter face reaches only about 1CM from the panel, the machine will automatically stop the cutting task and slowly rise. At this time, you can not press any keys at will, and wait for the cutting arm to return to the program setting point.
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Aotemandao face cutting machine
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Altman fast cutter
Model No.: RL 174246 Commercial automatic Aotemandao
Production: 140-160 pieces per minute
3 to 5 catties of noodles per minute
Motor: 220W
Width: 2-8 cm "Adjustable width thickness"
Thickness: 0-0 .8 mm Length: Up to 55 cm
Size 350 x 500 X 650mm
The characteristics are as follows:
1, most of the outer body is made of stainless steel materials according to the shape of the human body, built-in power devices and transmission control devices; The operating system uses a microcomputer processing system, which is reliable, safe and stable.
2, adopt high quality electrical accessories, optimize
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