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Detailed description of the product
 The robot spraying workstation makes full use of the flexible, stable and efficient characteristics of the robot, and is suitable for spraying on the outer surface of workpieces with large production volume, large product models, and irregular surface shapes. Widely used in automobiles, auto parts, railways, home appliances, building materials, machinery and other industries. R

The robot spray system provides an automated package that can be integrated into your spray unit. Spray system includes an electrical cabinet, purification system, equipped with analog input and output modules. Using the characteristics of robot movement, arbitrary control position, spraying amount and spraying time, a pair of sprinkler can be applied to various molds. The robot spraying can save the consumption of the off-type agent and save the space occupied by the conventional spraying device. R

[Robot Spray Characteristics and Advantages]
R Robots are flexible and have a large scope of work. They can replace a large number of manual spraying jobs, reduce labor costs, and improve labor efficiency;
R can effectively improve spray efficiency and spray quality;
R is easy to operate and maintain, can achieve offline programming, can achieve different actions for different artifacts to achieve the best injection effect. R

Jinan Lianda Robot LIANDA ROBOT Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company that focuses on the design, development, sales, and service of industrial robots and automation equipment. The company is based on the forefront of the world and closely follows the pace of the Industrial 4.0 era. Relying on Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other internationally renowned brands, China's industrial automation production is fully expanded. Actively engaged in the service of China 2025 smart manufacturing industry automation. R
R focuses on: AGV transporters, intelligent storage and non-standard equipment, robot(spot welding, spraying, handling) workstation integrated electrical control system design and other areas. R
Corporate vision: work together to become a leading brand in the field of industrial robotics in China! R
Corporate mission: to free people and make life better! R
R Business philosophy: honest and pragmatic innovation cooperation R
R Corporate strategy: talent strategy, technology strategy, internationalization strategy R
R Jinan Lianda Robotics Co. Ltd. is facing new challenges with a new look and an enterprising attitude. We will sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society and make progress together to continuously promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. With better updated products and better service effectiveness for the majority of new and old users! R

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