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Shenzhen Dongli xinglian electronics co., ltd. is a high-end intelligent technology product service enterprise. we focus on intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent home and other intelligent life product services. In the near future, the dongruixing association will take your intelligent life home with you and bring it to the life and study of hundreds of millions of families and independent individuals, striving to create a more intelligent, interesting and humanized healthy and leisure life style for everyone.
Are you upset about the lack of waiters in your restaurant? Are you worried about the rising labor costs year by year? Have you offended customers because of your restaurant waiter's bad attitude? Have you ever thought of turning your restaurant into a bright spot in your area? Are you annoyed by the big problems of the waiters, such as difficult management, high salary, food, accommodation, insurance, paid annual leave, late attendance, early leave and so on? Now you can consider using the catering service robot for a try. maybe something unexpected will happen.
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