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Japan's hanako SHG series combined robot reducer

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Detailed description of the product
Product name: SHG series combined harmonic reducer
Shg is a harmonic drive with high torque, which is an intensified type of SHF series.
based on the research and development concept of " load capacity improvement, reliability improvement for strength and longevity", compared with the same size products of SHF series, the following performance improvements have been achieved.
Rated torque: increased by 30 %
Maximum torque when starting and stopping: increased by 30 %
Instantaneous maximum torque: increased by 30 %
Pawl torque: increased by 30 %
Rated service life: increased by 42 % ( 10,000 hours )
The external dimensions, rigidity, angular transmission accuracy, input moment of inertia and the like are the same as those of the SHF series.
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