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Specificationr R R R Navigational Model R R R R Laser, Sonar navigation Laser &; Sonar Naviationr R R R Cleaningr Router, Sweeping Road Line R R R R Zigzag Routes Cleaningr R R R Cleaningr Model R R R R Standard, heavy, absorbent, polis

SupplierShenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd..

Release time2018-8-30

Mankou Bluetooth Smart Dropper Tuman Phone Key Wallet Discard Hanging Device Two-way Smart Device

SupplierBeijing Tumen Technology Development Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-8-30

Q88 Product Configuration Table A watch band Straight ear 24 MM Silicone tape Free to change(supporting metal, leather strap, etc..) voice Support for multilingual Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English German, French, Spanish, Russian,

SupplierShenzhen Bi-Electric Technology Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-8.30

The robot spray system provides an automated package that can be integrated into your spray unit. Spray system includes an electrical cabinet, purification system, equipped with analog input and output modules. Using the characteristics of robot movement,

SupplierJinan Lianda Robot Co., Ltd..

Release time2018-06-14 08:44

New Pine Tidy-Bot Cleaning Machine Cleaning Robot Sales


Release time2018-05-30

Note: High-precision displacement machine, perfect fit robot, achieve high-precision positioning welding Repeated positioning accuracy 0.08 AC servo control can be stopped at any location. The following table is a table of parameters for each specific

SupplierGuangzhou Bianlang Automation Equipment Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-05-30


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