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Japanese Synergy Oil(KYODO YUSHI): MULTEMP CITRAX EP NO. 1 Good hypothermia, -50 ~ 140 degrees.

SupplierShanghai Moorun Petrochemical Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-10-31 14:07

Product introduction: 1, clean and clean appearance. Most of the outer body is made of stainless steel materials that are pressed according to the human body shape. The internal power device and transmission device are installed. The external CNC device i

SupplierHebei Huicai Technology Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-10-31 14:07

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SupplierGuangzhou Welfare Animation Game

Release time2018-10-09 15:32

Supply of Kobo robot, educational robot, modular robot, robot teaching program


Release time2018-06-14 08:47

Tairuifeng factory direct sale start bubble floating cable TPE underwater robot cable special wear resistant acid and alkali adaptability underwater environment elastic excellent anti-bending thermoplastic elastomer particles

SupplierShandong Telefeng New Materials Co. Ltd..

Release time2018-06-14

Size: 410mm in length, 295mm in width, 280mm in height Weight: 10KG Material: surface anodized 6061T6 aluminum Propulsion: Horizontal: Two propellers with 100mm propeller and guide hood Vertical: a propeller with 75mm propeller and guide hood Naviga

SupplierShandong Xinshan Coal Mine Equipment Group Co., Ltd..

Release time2018-05-30

Ws series MMA / TIG inverter argon arc / hand arc welder


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