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Time to read the spell to the drone.
Core hints :The safety incidents caused by the drone black flying are endless, and the frequent crash of the bomber makes the safe u

Release date:2018-07-23

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 The safety incidents caused by the drone "black flying" are endless, and the frequent "crash" of the "bomber" makes the safe use of drones a major issue affecting the development of the drone industry. It is imperative to supervise drones. The state should put in place relevant management measures at an early date to combine technical and legal means to enable drones to embark on a sound development path.
On February 2, a flight crew of Air China discovered a UFO over the runway of Mianyang Airport, resulting in five flight delays and three flights for landing. According to police investigations, there are people in the vicinity who control the "black fly" drone. On February 2 and 3 alone, Changshui International Airport in Kunming, Yunnan Province, discovered four illegal drone flights in a row. One of the most serious drones was only 50 to 70 meters away from the airliners, which posed a great threat to flight safety..
These security incidents caused by the drone "black flying" are extremely frightening. The civil aviation passenger aircraft provides thrust with a rapidly rotating turbine engine. once it collides with the drone, it will have a serious impact on the aircraft. If the drone is inhaled into the engine, it will cause the engine to explode. In addition, due to the failure of the drone or the improper operation of the user, the "bomb" and "crash" incidents have also occurred from time to time. If it is flying in the deserted mountains, it may only be a machine lost, but if it is in a densely populated area, The consequences are unimaginable.
Since the advent of drones, there have been calls for the authorities to introduce measures to limit the occurrence of incidents that endanger flight safety and personal safety, especially those who have had many years of professional experience with drones. It is even more painful to face an accident. While they know the dangers of mishandling drones, they are also worried about the industry's development: once individual "black sheep" lead the country to introduce strict control measures against the use of drones by individuals, the use of drones at the consumer level will end.
Drone manufacturers have taken into account when designing their products for safety incidents caused by drones. For example, Dajiang has equipped each drone with a satellite positioning module, which contains geographical coordinates of more than 6,800 major airports worldwide. With the center point at each end of each runway of the airport as the center, a circular area with a maximum radius of 4.5 kilometers is designated. The approximate elliptical range between the two circles and the two circles is set as a no-flight area, and the drones are in the no-flight zone. Can not take off, Drone drones that break into the no-fly zone from the outside will immediately automatically descend to the ground; From the edge of the no-flight zone with a radius of 4.5 kilometers, another 2.5 kilometers will be extended outwards and the 15 kilometers extension line at both ends of the runway will be set as a restricted flight area. The height of drones flying in the restricted flight area will be forcibly restricted. There are also built-in modules for the privacy of drones and the authorization of special areas. once the drone takes off in a restricted area that requires local legal authorization, the drone will automatically pop up.
The modules built into the drone have already eliminated flights that threaten aviation safety and privacy. Most normal take-off situations will not have safety problems. However, it is not ruled out that some people privately change the security procedures and use them in the no-flight zone. The most important development of the UAV industry is to improve the quality of users and improve their understanding and operation skills. A drone is a movement that requires expertise and is dangerous. Some professional users remind this: "Aviation models are more fun, and correct manipulation is the key. Do not treat equipment as a toy, ignoring safety regrets endless. "
For ordinary users, when using drones, first of all, users need to understand that drones are just a flying tool that can carry equipment, and they need to have a certain sense of safety; Second, users need to master more skilled flight skills and know under what conditions or conditions drones are prone to abnormal work; Finally, users need to know how to repair the drone in the event of an anomaly.
At the national level, the regulation of drones is imperative. The United States is ahead in this regard. The FAA has detailed regulations for the use of drones in the United States, and requires all users to register drone licenses, paste the registered code on drones, and specify the areas where drones are banned from flying. At present, many countries, including our country, do not have clear laws and regulations on the management of consumer-grade drones, and there are no clear sanctions for acts that affect the safety of civil aviation. Therefore, relevant management measures should be put in place at an early date, combining technical and legal means to enable drones to embark on a sound development path.

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