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Liu Qiangdong and Suning mutually resented each other. The Korean independence inspection team will
Core hints :Big company. Apple officially joined the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance According to foreign media reports, Apple officially joined the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. According to the website of WPC(Wireless Power Consortium), Apple's information

Release date:2018-07-23

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Big company.
Apple officially joined the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance
According to foreign media reports, Apple officially joined the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. According to the website of WPC(Wireless Power Consortium), Apple's information has been included in the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance Certification Directory, which involves two major components: mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. WPC(Wireless Power Alliance), the wireless charging alliance, was established on December 17, 2008. Its mission is to create and promote the widespread adoption of international wireless charging standard Qi compatible with all rechargeable electronic devices. That means Apple is likely to add wireless charging to the iPhone and its accessories in the future.
The survey said the company "legally" avoids taxes of $1.5 billion a year
According to foreign media reports, a survey by the Senate of the United States showed that Microsoft's branch office in Puerto Rico has only 177 employees and sales in 2011 were as high as 4 billion U.S. dollars. According to the report, Puerto Rico's tax system is different from that of the 50 states in the United States. Microsoft first sells the copyright to the Puerto Rico branch, which produces the corresponding software product, and then "imports" the software product to the United States, so that sales can appear on the book of the Puerto Rico branch. As a result, Microsoft enjoys a lower tax rate, which allows Microsoft to "save" about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in tax revenue each year. Many industry insiders said that Microsoft's approach is "completely legal" and "quite common."
Toshiba business sluggish growth loss of 3.52 billion U.S. dollars in the first three quarters
Japan's economic news reported that in the quarter to the end of December, Toshiba may lose about 400 billion yen(about 3.52 billion U.S. dollars), mainly due to the goodwill writedown of about 600 billion yen in Toshiba's US nuclear energy subsidiary. Toshiba acquired CB&, a US nuclear energy builder, through its subsidiary Westinghouse Electric at the end of 2015. I Stone &; Webster. However, the company's costs far exceed estimates due to declining market demand for nuclear energy and poor project management. At present, Toshiba is planning to sell some of the chip business in order to safeguard this fiscal year's performance. On February 14, Toshiba will officially release its April to December financial results, and will also announce the reasons for the loss and related rescue measures.
Liu Qiangdong regards Suqian as still ashamed of Suning Store, and Suningdui goes back and says "live well."
Recently, Liu qiangdong in the CCTV financial "meet big coffee" program, said that even if JingDong in his hometown to move the first share of e-commerce, but the city still exists in guomei Suning and other stores, which is the shame of JingDong. He also said that he would buy all of Suningzhouwei's billboards and buy them for at least five years until they left. In response to this remark, Houenlong, the Suning Yunshang Group, said on Weibo: "Suning's stores have nearly 4,000 in the country. Fortunately, there are not many places for Liu to go. Suqian is not a very large city. It is already a shame. If you go to more cities and more prosperous areas, you can't live? "And said:" The world is so large, look and shame, do not look and uncomfortable, Liu always live well. "
South Korea's sole inspection unit will again summon Samsung Vice President Lizairong.
According to the Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's pro-faith independent prosecution team spokesman Liguizhe said on the 12th that the Independent Inspection Unit will summon Lizairong Electronics Vice President Li Yuyi at 9:30 am on the 13th to investigate the suspicion of bribery of President Park Geun-hye and pro-faith protagonist Cui Shunshi. This is a month after the independent inspection team summoned Lizairong again. In January this year, the independent prosecution team asked the court to arrest Lizairong on suspicion of bribery, but the court rejected this request. Liguizhe said that after the arrest was dismissed, the unit conducted further investigations. The summons was to confirm the new investigation results. Whether or not to request another arrest will depend on the circumstances of the summons.
QQ browser open online consultation
According to reports, Dr. Penguin's "free doctor" service has officially landed on Tencent's QQ browser, launched a WeChat app, providing online free medical consultation. Penguin Doctor is a joint venture between Tencent, Medical Association, Jihui Capital, and Sequoia Capital. The controlling party is Tencent. In the "free question doctor" business, its shareholder Medical Association provides important doctor resources. According to official data from the Medical Association, the platform currently has more than 430,000 certified doctors, accounting for one-seventh of Chinese doctors, of whom more than 75 % are doctors and above, and more than 230,000 doctors are from Sanjia Hospital. Tencent said that Tencent will gradually build a "free doctor" service into an open ecology.
Nintendo's "Fire Seal: Heroes" performed bravely: revenue exceeded 5 million U.S. dollars in the first week
In an interview with Time Magazine recently, Nintendo President Jundao Tatsuya said that although "Fire Seal: Heroes" has only been on the shelf for a week, the current game revenue has exceeded 5 million U.S. dollars, and the competition in the mobile market is very fierce. Under the circumstances, the attraction momentum is still very fast. Even in the forbidden land of chess games, the European and American markets, this game also has excellent performance. It seems that players have a unique interest in the Nintendo series of IP and its game release strategy, which is no longer cold, has begun to show results.
Wuchangjiang's $780 million stake will start shooting on the 13th.
At 10 a.m. on February 13, Leishizhaoming's founder Wuchangjiang's assets will be auctioned at Ali's idle fish auction platform to repay his debt. At that time, Wuchangjiang's 130 million shares of De Haorun's limited sales stocks were divided into two auction targets, which were priced at 6 yuan per share. The starting prices were 433 million yuan and 347 million yuan, respectively, for a total of 780 million yuan. If someone brings two items into the bag at the same time, it will replace Wuchangjiang as the second largest shareholder of the A-share listed company Dehoun Runda. At present, the auction has attracted more than 4 million people to watch, becoming the most watched and highest number of people in the history of judicial auctions. A total of more than 500 people set up "auction" reminders.
Amazon Alexa has supported the purchase of regular drinks from Starbucks stores without leaving the house
Users can now order a regular Starbucks drink via Amazon Alexa before they leave the house, according to reports. It is reported that Amazon has just added a new skill to Alexa, and users can use its "Stars Reader" feature with Echo devices or FireTV TV sticks. To use this feature, users must first associate Starbucks with Amazon accounts. However, at present, this feature is relatively limited. Users can only say to Alexa, "Tell Starbucks to get me a drink I often drink," instead of giving me a rich menu choice. In the future, it may expand more features.
Subaru gets a California autopilot permit to push a semi-autopilot vehicle by 2020.
Japan's Fuji Heavy Industries, the manufacturer of the car brand Subaru, has recently obtained a California self-driving test permit to test driverless vehicles on California's public roads. This is the 22nd test license issued by the California Automobile Authority. Other companies that have obtained licenses include: Tesla, Invid, Ford, Google Waymo, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Faraday Future, and so on. Thanks to the DMV test license program launched by the California government in 2014, companies applying for autopilot tests can travel on California roads and collect data for only $150. Almost every automaker and technology company in the world is now piling up in California to test for autopilot.
The fastest construction started in the middle of the year, Foxconn and Sharp set up a $7 billion factory in the United States
According to Japanese media reports, Foxconn may build a plant in the United States this year with an investment of up to 7 billion U.S. dollars, starting construction as soon as the middle of this year. It follows reports that Foxconn is considering setting up an LCD panel factory in the United States on the same scale as it announced in Guangzhou at the end of last year, thanks to a series of tax incentives to become President Trump.



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