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Expa Capital, a small and beautiful technology business incubator, plans to raise $100 million
Core hints :According to foreign media, the San Francisco-based venture incubator Expa Capital is going to make a second round of fu

Release date:2018-07-23

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According to foreign media, the San Francisco-based venture incubator Expa Capital is going to make a second round of fundraising, which will raise $100 million to help start-up companies in New York and San Francisco.
Expa was founded in 2013 by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp and his colleagues. Since then, the founder of Addthis, Hooman Radfar, Naveen Selvadurai, the co-founder of the application's originator Foursquare, Milun Tesovic, the founder of the lyrics website Metrolys, and Roberto Sanabria, who had served in Google and linkedIn, have joined them.
In terms of corporate positioning, the Expa sees itself as neither a conventional incubator nor a VC firm, but a much smaller, more practical approach to incubating young companies based on their own judgment, and helping startups turn ideas into prototypes. The final production of marketable products. Expa often works with startup founders to help them build their own brands, design product prototypes, and develop product markets.
Unlike incubators such as YC, Expa focuses on incubating several companies every six months, so that Expa founders can provide more energy and resources for each program according to their professional areas.
With the help of Expa, The companies that hatched in the past two years are: Uber for taxi apps, Haus for real estate information, Mix for creative platforms, Ando for take-out restaurants, Spot for recommendations, Opera for shopping professionals, Current for Internet finance companies, metabase for business intelligence, and Kit for virtual marketing assistants. , Restaurant Booking Application Resorve and Drip for music subscriptions.
Expa faces more than Y Combinator. Old incubators such as TechStars and 500 Starups are still strong. In addition, some large groups such as Samsung, Disney and Microsoft also have internal entrepreneurship acceleration plans.

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