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Comment: why is the " bidding ranking" of medical services searched by websites incorrigib
Core hints :Two years after the Wei Zexi incident, it is still dangerous to search for medical information on the internet.

Release date:2018-07-14

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Two years after the Wei Zexi incident, it is still dangerous to search for medical information on the internet.
According to media reports, in Baidu and other mobile phone applications, searching for a key word of a disease, the top few are often advertisements of hospitals. after clicking in, a chat interface will appear directly. An employee of a private hospital who had once done " consultation" disclosed to reporters that those customer service agents who " talked about" the disease " in Kan Kan may be" foot - rubbing big fellow " who do not have any medical knowledge. Their goal is very clear: to fool the searchers to go to the hospital and try their best to pay the money in their pockets.
It is hard to imagine that after experiencing the huge turmoil in the Wei Zexi incident, the online medical advertisements in Baidu's search are still chaotic. The only change is that the battlefield has moved from PC to mobile, and the user's portrait is becoming more and more accurate. The intelligent portrait established after mastering a large amount of user data can predict the user's intention, help customer service to make personalized speech adjustments according to the guest's interest points, and enhance the sense of substitution and pertinence.
The revenue pressure of search and the transformation pressure of high-volume online advertisements in hospitals have combined to form such a result: fraud and falsehoods are rampant in the field of online medical advertisements, and patients seeking help from the internet often become lambs waiting to be slaughtered. For example, a patient who did not have depression was diagnosed as " moderate to severe depression". Children with inattention are diagnosed as " mentally retarded".
In the Wei ze Xi turmoil, Baidu, which was on the cusp of the storm, had to clean up a number of key words, such as cancer and diabetes, which were no longer allowed to bid. Last year Baidu even abolished the medical department as a whole. Li yanhong mentioned in his internal speech, " cracking down on false information and excessive advertising."
However, one month after the abolishment of the medical division, Baidu was fined by the Shanghai administration of industry and commerce for publishing uncensored advertisements for medical institutions.
On the " telegraph pole" of the search engine, you can still see various kinds of psoriasis advertisements. Searching for related diseases will find that the " advertisement" logo distinguishing between natural search and competitive search is still behind the link of the web page and displayed in a small font size and color. many of them do not even mark " advertisement".
In fact, Google also makes profits by ranking and searching through bids, and also has a large number of medical advertisements. However, in the display of search results, the bidding ranking did not completely overwhelm the natural search results. Especially in the medical field, searching for related diseases is at the forefront of some encyclopedic popular science sites. those medical advertisements are also marked with very clear " advertisements" in different color fonts. Moreover, the premise of placing medical advertisements is that they have been certified by nabp ( us pharmacy Council ) and FDA ( food and drug administration ).
In fact, even if it does not subvert the bidding rankings, the search engine can also make certain changes. For example, in the display of search results, reduce manual intervention in medical search, or mark " advertisements" more prominently.
The binding between some illegal private hospitals and bidding rankings will make the vicious expansion of illegal medical behaviors. online search can not only bring convenience to the public, but also may become an evil signpost at any time. we do not want the end of signpost to be another tragedy of " Wei ze Xi".

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