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Tencent robots have written thousands of articles a day.
Core hints :You may have overheard the news that robots started news writing, and you may not think it has anything to do with you.

Release date:2019-01-15

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 You may have overheard the news that robots started news writing, and you may not think it has anything to do with you.
Dreamwriter, Tencent AI Writing Robot, an internal code for Tencent's "Platform and Content Business Group." The project team confirmed to reporters that Dreamwriter's actual annual average annual news writing volume has exceeded 500,000 articles and 80 million words. Taking November 15, 2018 as an example, robots wrote a total of 1,298 weather news, 773 financial news, 546 cars, 126 real estate, and 76 sports.
The reporter randomly enters the "Dreamwriter" search in Tencent News APP, Tiantian Express APP, and Tencent News Network. It will be found that the news of Dreamwriter is updated at any time. Most of them are weather, sports, and financial stock market drafts. On the afternoon of January 2, the Party Central Committee and the State Council formally approved the overall plan of the Xiongan New District. Dreamwriter's manuscript "The overall plan of the Xiongan New District was approved and the airport shares were strongly closed and closed" was released a few minutes later. once on the recommendation channel of Tencent News.
Just a piece of cake.
The company's robot writing system, Dreamwriter, made its debut in September 2015 with its debut in August, when CPI rose 2.0 % year-on-year to a 12-month high.
Dreamwriter took another hit at the 2017 Tencent Media + Summit on November 16, 2017. Chenjuhong, vice president of Tencent, released Penguin Zhiku's 2017 China New Media Trends Report, Dreamwriter. It took less than 1 second. It can also automatically map and automatically edit video clips. According to the audience at the time, the guest had just said thanks and the manuscript had already been sent out.
Of course, the test of the machine writing system is the Rio Olympics and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. According to project leader Liu Kang, Dreamwriter produced more than 3,600 articles during the Olympic Games. The first gold medal was written by a robot.
The quick-thinking Dreamwriter's ability to write fast, accurate, and beautiful articles depends on the big data it silently collects. Through a huge database, it can not only obtain background information on the players, but also accurately control the language output according to the ability of the players in their careers. In the process of writing, the robot will fully consider the player's past achievements, social reputation, and sports details in the game before writing.
In addition to Tencent's smart writing system, at the World Cup in Russia, the first domestic media artificial intelligence platform "Magic" independently developed by Xinhua Zhiyun also made its debut. According to the Xinhua news agency, between the start of the World Cup in Russia on June 14 and 11 on June 20, 10296 short videos were produced on the "magic" platform, accounting for 78 % of the total Chinese video output of the World Cup's main video site. Among them, the fastest short video "Goal! Peruvian VS Denmark took only 16 seconds to produce. Within 16 seconds after the Danish team scored, "Magic" automatically synthesized a video.
Already the right hand man.
In fact, writing press releases is only the earliest feature developed by Dreamwriter. Project developers told Shenzhen Commercial Daily that Dreamwriter's machine writing was first put into practical use. A relatively mature system is mainly aimed at practical reporting areas such as finance, sports, automobiles, real estate, and weather, because these reports require strong timeliness. At the same time, there is a clear article logical structure characteristics. At present, Dreamwriter's writing ability has been greatly improved, and it is already very close to manual writing in terms of factual reporting. Some observers believe that machine writing, including Dreamwriter, has not yet broken through the two bottlenecks of value judgment and trend prediction.
In addition to text writing, Dreamwriter is also an entire "Algorithm Assisted Content Production and Operation" project. Specifically, it includes several categories such as machine writing, text processing(error correction, abstract, choruses, etc.), image processing(map recognition, map matching, map revision), and video production. Dreamwriter can provide a strong technical support for the innovation of content product forms.
Dreamwriter also has a set of error correction systems to ensure the accuracy of the content. Now, this algorithm is still learning evolution. In today's information explosion, the speed of news updating is extremely rapid, and new terms such as "Ma Ma", "Chrysanthemum" and "SKR" have emerged one after another. The algorithm can also quickly implement the coverage of such popular new words through the accumulation of Corpus. This technology is currently used in Tencent News graphics, videos, and Penguin media platforms.
Simply put, it is Tencent's system that will not only write manuscripts, match drawings, but also edit videos, typesetting, and even change the reporter's manuscript ... Of course, it is currently limited to proofreading.
Main work
So, here's the question -- will the writing robot write the entire process, and will it replace the reporter?
For the relationship between reporters and automation, Ferrari, the executive editor of the Associated Press, who first introduced machine writing, said in an interview with the media that the purpose of introducing robot news is to reduce the burden on reporters. Rather than replacing the work of journalists entirely with technology: "We still need reporters to cover business news. We mainly use robots to write business news related to data analysis. I can't let a bunch of my reporters waste that much time on data analysis. I need them to report. "
Liu Kang also believes that the core problem to be solved when the project was born was that "the production capacity of financial news can not meet the needs of content." According to statistics, Jinrongshichang of China issued an average of about 1,900 announcements a day, and the 1900 announcements, a senior securities editor takes 100 hours to read. The meaning of Dreamwriter is to liberate a large part of the editorial staff of reporters: "Far from replacing[journalists], I hope it will always be an assistant, help me sort out the data, and then I will give it life. "
Regarding the relationship between reporters and machines in the future, Liu Kang thought: "It is very likely that every editor in the future will be equipped with an artificial intelligence writing software to help people grab hot information or solve tedious, repetitive, and non-creative work. Put people at a higher level of work, let the machine help people work more effectively. "

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