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Are commercial robots prepared or are they on paper?
Core hints :Famous American science fiction writer asimov wrote in his famous three laws of robots: robots must obey orders of human beings. Well, in that case, why should we wrestle with robots and humans, who is strong and who is weak? Because in the end they must

Release date:2018-07-14

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Famous American science fiction writer asimov wrote in his famous three laws of robots: robots must obey orders of human beings. Well, in that case, why should we wrestle with robots and humans, who is strong and who is weak? Because in the end they must comply with the needs of human beings, no matter how powerful they are or whether they are human beings or not. Therefore, how robots serve human beings is what we care about, not how they win our games. In fact, compared with those omnipotent robots in movies and TV works, robots in real life are much more awkward. from industrial robots to household robots to commercial robots, this road has only just begun.
The optimistic estimate is that the market scale will exceed 20 billion yuan in 2017. Looking at the current development site of commercial robots, in various sub-markets such as restaurants, hotels, pension, finance, supermarkets, etc., the efficiency is improved, the cost is reduced, and repetitive and mechanical work is replaced. the application of intelligent robots is also penetrating into various fields of people's production and life, and commercial service robots are sweeping across the world. And isn't this the initial intention of human manufacturers to use robots?
Commercial robots breed unlimited business opportunities
" in factories and warehouses, the first impression that robots often give people is that they are substitutes for human labor, without taking into account that since robots and automated processes emerged, they have become an important feature of large workplaces. " lior elazary, chief executive of invia robotics, described it this way: e-commerce is booming, but retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of consumers due to rising pressure on prices and delivery speeds and shortages of warehouse labor. For decades, this " people - goods" model has always occupied a dominant position. However, now that robots are used in warehouses, goods can be delivered automatically in warehouses and quickly sent to their destinations in a fast and cheap way.
Similar to the " cargo packing box" robot, ocado, the world's largest online retailer, is also developing robots to grab different tools. Amazon even holds the annual Amazon robot challenge to create the best selection and packaging robots.
Of course, there are more than these options for applying intelligent commercial robots to the commercial field. In addition to saving business personnel costs, improving the brand image of the terminal, improving service efficiency, and strengthening the high-tech sense of the enterprise, it can also attract popularity, increase the flow of people and bring more business opportunities to businesses. At present, the intelligent service commercial robots that replace labor, reduce costs and increase efficiency and are applied to various industries have gained huge growth space in the market, mainly applied to commercial fields such as banking halls, government affairs office halls, telecommunication business halls, electric power industry, large-scale stores, financial securities, education and teaching, etc.
Some experts have designated 2016 as " the first year of service robot industry". two years ago, industrial robots experienced a hot trend. this year will be the first year when service robots for civilian and commercial use truly enter the market. It is also expected that the application of service robots in the future will see tremendous growth in several fields such as commercial services and internet big data, medical rehabilitation and services, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles and special operation equipment. The development of the commercial service robot industry will be a resonance mode of demand scenario development and technological breakthrough in the commercial field. the two will present a spiral upward trend alternately. the breakthrough of technological inflection point, the volume of new products and the external policies will catalyze the upward inflection point of the integration industry.
Development status of commercial robots
At present, robots in any field will be the promoters of a new wave of science and technology. it is exactly what commercial robot manufacturers are doing to implement robots from a concept to commercial application fields, to truly walk into people's side, to use robots instead of human beings, and to give greater play to their value. At present, China's intelligent commercial robots, which are used to replace and assist human beings in banking, real estate and other industries, are showing a booming trend of development.
In the robot market, the reason for the large-scale application of small I robots in b - end markets such as banks is to solve the pain points of more bank consultation but simpler and more repetitive problems. This is the most valuable method to bring artificial intelligence to the ground. it does not need to be all - encompassing. it only needs to carry out perfect development for a certain point of pain and has the value of assisting human work and replacing some human resources. commercial robots seem to find a path to commercial success more easily than other types of robots.
Commercial service robots that use the real estate industry as application scenarios are also entering the market. For example, robot security. Tianlin robot company's products have human body sensing function and automatic obstacle avoidance function. the laser scanning base and 360 - degree wheel steering design can allow it to walk freely. In ordinary residential areas, tianlin will assume the responsibility of protecting residents and patrol day and night. tianlin can work eight hours at a time to replace more than two employees working at full capacity, thus greatly saving human resources.
In addition to alternative work, assisting workers to provide more systematic services is also an application direction of commercial robots. Not long ago, wood ye robot released the industry solution platform " computer vision psychological analysis platform" specially launched for business hall, government hall, VIP room, hospital VIP room and other scenes, hoping to understand more truly the psychological state of customers or potential customers, thus helping salesmen, sales staff and other personnel to provide more systematic services.
Judging from the market situation, although there is no large-scale replacement of manpower by robots at present, robots have greatly assisted human beings in their work, and the demand gap in the future will be bigger and bigger. Most simple repetitive and delayed work can be done by robots. besides reducing the workload, another important reason is to save costs.
only with powerful functions and practical support can we go further.
Insiders said that the focus of products of companies that entered the robotics field in 2014 was generally still on robots in the concept of family. however, after a lot of money was lost, it was found that consumers in the home market simply did not buy it, thus making it impossible to do it. however, the robots used by custom developers can realize the realization problem, so they turned their eyes to commercial robots one after another. Robots are applied in the commercial field. it is a common understanding of commercial robots that people develop functions according to the needs of the industry and provide commercial system services to merchants such as banks, restaurants, enterprises, large stores, specialty stores, etc. Nowadays, commercial robots have gradually stepped into the commercial sector, replacing some of the labor force and effectively saving costs.
At present, the price of commercial robots in the market is generally high. only when we can find rich and large customers to make customized robots can we make money. However, the larger market needs to be further explored. currently, the first bottleneck for commercial robots to open up is price. The homogeneity of the appearance and function of commercial robots is serious, which lacks core technology and deviates from the market orientation. At present, some enterprises in the commercial robot market lack the core technology. they confuse the market cognition through extremely low price and turn the high-end industry into a low-end one. this will hurt the users' cognition of robots and even disappoint the industry.
In addition to price factors, the cultivation of the commercial robot market depends on the enterprise's own research and development strength and technological innovation. only with strong practicality and powerful functions can it emerge from the fierce competition in the market and remain invincible.
On January 6, 2017, Bethune technology of baoqianli group solemnly launched dabao commercial robot. Wang Hao, CEO of baoqianli group bituan technology, said that dabao commercial robot, as the first commercial service robot of baoqianli, adopts the innovative design idea of " internet plus" and has a number of industry-leading technologies. it integrates office, entertainment and load-carrying functions, and is a technologically leading intelligent and Yong dual-purpose robot. Dabao commercial robot will become an important part of pettoon's " intelligent hardware + physical store" business model in the future. as a 7x24 - hour enterprise super employee, it is widely used in hotels, restaurants, banks, real estate, pension, buildings and other hundreds of industries, replacing repetitive jobs, saving labor costs and management costs for enterprises, improving service efficiency, and promoting transformation and innovation of traditional hundreds of industries.
According to information, in the " intelligent hardware +" strategy of baoqianli group, robots play an important role as an important entrance. Baoqianli's intelligent internet business model is based on intelligent robots, VR mobile phones, vehicle-mounted treasure, United public treasure, le Zhao treasure, intelligent cloud screen and other platform-based intelligent hardware, which is applied to scenes such as individuals, automobiles, families, entity enterprises, entity shops, and public places, and provides an overall solution of " intelligent hardware + business model of internet plus subdivision field" for hundreds of businesses.
It is believed that dabao commercial robot will be an important member of baoqian platform intelligent hardware system in the future. it will follow the strategic plan of " intelligent hardware + physical store" of baoqian group bituan science and technology and provide online and offline integrated whole marketing solutions for baixing baixing baixing baixing industry through intelligent internet business model and using dabao commercial robot as carrier to help the development of traditional baixing baixing baixing baixing industry. It can be predicted that the emergence of baoqianbituan dabao commercial robot will bring new ideas to the robot industry and will be favored by the market with its breakthrough technology.

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