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Starting with digital images, dental housekeepers with a billion yuan financing want to establish a
Core hints :Dentistry, as an industry with a high degree of marketization in the medical field, has always been favored by capital. The dentist's housekeeper is one of them. At the beginning of 2017, the dentist's housekeeper received the investment from pi

Release date:2018-07-14

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Dentistry, as an industry with a high degree of marketization in the medical field, has always been favored by capital. The dentist's housekeeper is one of them. At the beginning of 2017, the dentist's housekeeper received the investment from ping an innovation investment fund, and the Hou sheng fund and Chen de fund received a round of financing with an amount of 100 million yuan.
Dental housekeepers started with digital images at first, connecting digital imaging equipment with SaaS management software, and combining upstream and downstream businesses such as finance, shopping malls, and supply chains to establish an oral medical ecology.
With the development of dental implant and digital orthodontics, the demand for digital images in the dental field is getting higher and higher. Although CT MRI and other digital imaging devices are already very common in the medical industry, the trend of digital imaging in the oral cavity has just begun. According to information, there are currently about 100,000 dental clinics in China. Lu guangzhi, co-founder of dental housekeepers, divided these dental clinics into several categories: one is the regional dental chain clinics such as baibo and jiamei, and their digital images are in the forefront; Secondly, there are more than five chain clinics and single clinics in coastal areas. these clinics also basically have digital imaging capabilities. The third is the small and medium-sized dental clinics in economically underdeveloped areas, which account for most of the 100,000 clinics, while their digital imaging capabilities are very weak. The dentist's butler is aimed at this kind of users.
The dental housekeeper's Fisenko skill was established in 2010 and has experienced 3 - 4 years of research and development of oral imaging technology. it already has a full range of oral imaging diagnosis and treatment equipment such as oral CT, oral 3d scanning, oral endoscope, oral sensor, etc. According to introduction, the cbct independently developed by Philippine sen images can realize 360 - degree complete scanning, and the image quality is higher. Through GPU and CPU multi-engine multi-core parallel reconstruction acceleration technology, image reconstruction and 3d processing can be completed in 15 seconds, reaching the international leading technical level. However, the price is about 20 - 30 % lower than that of international brands. In 2016, Philippine imaging equipment obtained cfda category iii medical device certification and has been able to enter the market.
On the other hand, as another major core product, SaaS software for dental housekeepers is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized dental clinics, providing basic functions such as patient appointment, return visit, fees, medical records, images, statistics, warehouse management and other features to solve problems in management, marketing and purchasing.
In fact, many SaaS companies in the market have been developing SaaS for oral clinics, such as lingjian and eggplant oral cloud reported earlier. Unlike many oral SaaS - like start-up companies, Lu guangzhi said that dental housekeepers are characterized by occupying both ends of the image equipment and SaaS, being able to integrate digital images with SaaS, solving subsequent problems such as the distribution of digital images, and greatly improving the efficiency of the operation and management of the clinic.
According to introduction, SaaS software for dental housekeepers has been introduced to small and medium-sized dental clinics in a free way, and has accumulated 40,000 clinic customers since 2014. The dentist's housekeeper also signed a cooperation with Minsheng bank. These clinic customers who use the dental butler SaaS platform can obtain credit from Minsheng bank by submitting three months' operating data. the funds can be used to purchase digital imaging equipment and expand their operations.
In addition, dental housekeepers have also set up business schools and e-commerce malls. On the one hand, professional training is provided for oral health care personnel to make up for the shortage of dental doctors' resources; on the other hand, supply chains upstream and downstream such as consumables are further integrated through e-commerce platforms.
At present, the dental housekeeper team has a total of more than 300 people. Co-founder Lu guangzhi holds a master's degree in image processing from China university of mining and technology. He has more than 10 years of experience in the medical imaging industry and has been responsible for the development and completion of medical products such as medical digital ultrasound imaging systems, radiation x - ray imaging equipment, and three-dimensional image processing systems based on multi-row CT. he has successively served as research and development engineer, image department manager, and research and development deputy chief. Other partners also have many years of experience in the oral industry.

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