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Amazon payments added 10 million customers; Millet TV raises prices of 3s series products
Core hints :Amazon payments nearly doubled its trading volume and 10 million customers in 2016

Release date:2018-07-14

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Big company
Amazon payments nearly doubled its trading volume and 10 million customers in 2016
According to TechCrunch, shortly after the Bloomberg report showed that paypal and Amazon had been discussing payment methods, Amazon announced a new milestone in its payment business. The retailer said today that more than 33 million customers are now using Amazon payments to make purchases, up from 23 million in April last year. Amazon opened Amazon payments, prestashop, shopiy and future shop platforms to global partners in 2016.
Apple watch sold 6 million pieces last quarter, monopolizing 80 % of the world's shares
In a report released on Tuesday, can alys, a market research company, predicted that apple could sell up to 6 million apple watch smart watches in the fourth quarter of last year, earning up to 2.6 billion us dollars in revenue. Can alys pointed out that in terms of revenue, this gave apple nearly 80 % of the market share of the global smart watch industry in the current quarter. Apple has not released official shipping data for apple watch. In the company's earnings conference call held on January 31, apple only said that apple watch shipments and revenues hit an all-time high in the first quarter.
Youtube opens mobile live broadcast to fans of more than 10k
Youtube announced today that for creators with at least 10,000 subscribers, it will open real-time video recording through its mobile application, further competing with Facebook live and Twitter's periscope. Before this, it also introduced super chat, which can make the comments of paid users appear on the live screen for a longer time. Today, live video creators with over 10,000 subscribers in 20 countries can enable super chat.
Space xplan launches falcon 9 every 2 to 3 weeks, the fastest frequency
According to the online edition of fortune magazine, spacex president Gwen short said in an interview on Monday that once the new launch pad is delivered in Florida next week, the company plans to launch a falcon 9 launch vehicle every two to three weeks, the fastest frequency since the launch of falcon 9 began in 2010. Five months ago, falcon 9 exploded on the launch pad of Florida launch site. Since then, spacex has only launched one rocket in mid - January.
Shanghai Lingang denies joining hands with Tesla to build factories in China
On February 7, regarding the news that Tesla and China would jointly build an annual production base of 500,000 units in Shanghai's Lingang port, the Shanghai Lingang port issued a public notice clarifying that Lingang group has so far not signed a cooperation agreement with Tesla regarding its factory building in China and has not participated in relevant investments. Although Tesla's domestic rumor was clarified, Tesla CEO musk said as early as January last year that Tesla was looking for a Chinese production partner and had held a series of high-level meetings with the Chinese government. However, there has always been no exact information about the location of the site.
Google launches intelligent search engine cloud search
Google today launched a new tool called Google cloud search for its business customers, which will allow users to search g suite products ( including cloud hard disk, Gmail, Google collaboration platform, Google calendar, Google documents, Google contacts, etc. ). The service used to be available in limited previews. at that time, it was called springboard, and for enterprise employees, it was called Google now.
Twitter has launched a series of measures to deal with internet security and abuse
Twitter hinted last week that it would soon completely solve the security and abuse problems on its network. today, it has announced a series of changes in its services. The company said that it is currently working hard to identify those accounts that have been temporarily suspended. its main purpose is to abuse and harass others and prevent the creation of new accounts. In addition, Twitter has also introduced " secure search," which will remove tweets that contain sensitive content and block and mute tweets for accounts.
Obstacles to " legalization" of apple's refurbished mobile phone in India
Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that apple has requested the Indian government to make a series of concessions on iphone Indian manufacturing, including China's 15 - year investment tax exemption clause and the sale of refurbished iphone in India that meets the quality standards of mobile phones. In response to the above request, apple China expressed " it is not clear" to first finance and economics. Can alys India southeast Asia analyst rushabhdoshi told first finance: " if apple is allowed to sell a refurbished iphone, the cost of renovating a second handset is much lower than that of producing a novice, the scale of apple's investment in India will be greatly reduced. However, this will infringe on India's interests and the Indian government will not allow it. "
The cost of purchasing components rose, and millet TV raised the prices of some 3s series products
According to Xiaomi TV's official microblog news, Xiaomi TV said that the retail price of the 3s series of Xiaomi TV was far lower than the current cost due to the rising cost of purchasing core components and components upstream and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations. In order to ensure the normal supply, it was decided to raise the 3s 48 inches and 55 inches of millet TV to 2599 yuan and 3999 yuan ( both excluding freight ). The new price will be implemented at 0: 00 on February 8 at Xiaomi mall, tmall / jingdong flagship store and Xiaomi home. According to the official website of Xiaomi TV mall, the current prices of 3s 48 inches and 55 inches of Xiaomi TV are 2299 and 3699 yuan respectively.
Apple's new patent: " dual - mode" ai rpods headphones can be turned into loudspeakers
The U.S. patent and trademark office ( USPTO ) passed a 2011 apple patent today, which describes a new earphone design that can be quickly converted into stereo speakers. in the future, this design may be used in earpods, ai rpods, or beats earphones. This patent is called " dual-mode earphone and its construction method". the patent describes in detail a wireless, headset and in-ear earphone, which can switch the operation mode from earphone to loudspeaker.
Google brain creates pixelated image technology
Google brain plan has now created a new software that can create detailed images from tiny pixel images. This new pixel recursive super-resolution technique has a truly cool effect, and it can extract the details of the load from several source pixels. For example, Google brain presents some 8x8 pixel images and then turns them into some very clear images. This involves the coordination of Google's two neural networks: the first is the regulatory network and the second is the previous network.
In order to expand and put into operation the model 3, Tesla's super factory construction cost has crossed the big threshold of 1 billion us dollars.
Recently, a foreign construction-related website revealed that the construction cost of Tesla's super factory has exceeded 1 billion us dollars so far. At the beginning of this year, Tesla announced an additional us $ 350 million investment in its giga factory in Nevada for the production of model 3's drive unit kit and 2170 batteries, as well as further expansion of the factory.
Southeast Asian taxi software grab launches grab coach service to enter the bus market
Foreign media reported that a few days ago, grab, a taxi-hailing software based in Singapore, launched a new business of grab coach, entering the bus market and providing bus reservation service for 13 to 40 seats. This business mainly faces group customers, and currently 200 such buses have been put into operation. The current fare is us $ 46 for 13 - seater, us $ 67 for 23 - seater and us $ 106 for 40 - seater, which is only operated in Singapore and does not support cross-border travel. the payment method is the same as taxi or private car, and cash is also accepted. You can call the bus immediately or book seven days in advance.
Volkswagen electric vehicle meb platform has accelerated its progress and will transform existing factories to establish electric vehicle production lines
Recently, automaker Volkswagen announced that it would transform several german factories and establish electric vehicle production lines to produce electric vehicles designed and manufactured based on its meb platform. The announcement on VW's us website shows that the Volkswagen zwick au automobile manufacturing factory in Saxony, Germany will be the first factory to upgrade to support electric vehicles on the meb platform. based on the research results in 2016, Volkswagen has formulated its 2020 strategic plan. according to the plan, after the renovation of zwick au factory in Saxony, Germany, wolfsburg factory and Emden factory will be upgraded immediately. after the upgrade is completed, electric vehicle production lines designed and manufactured on the basis of meb platform will also be established.
Investment and financing
Chorus. ai announces completion of round a financing of 16 million us dollars
Chorus. ai announces completion of round a financing of 16 million us dollars led by red point. Chorus. ai is a system that extracts profound information from audio. it can understand the impact of dialogue based on the data of tens of thousands of sales and customer service calls to help the team make decisions. Chorus. ai's goal is sales. It can record and transfer content in real time by simply joining a conference call and mark important action items and topics that occur during the duration of the call.
Merit medical, a medical device company, bought two argon product lines for 48 million us dollars
Merit medical announced the purchase of argon's medical equipment and catheter-connected assets for 48 million us dollars. Merit medical did not specify which specific assets were acquired, but said that the total revenue of the two product lines purchased in 2016 was us $ 46 million. More details on the acquisition will be released together with the company's 2016 annual results and 2017 guidance. Merit medical said that the acquisition of this product has expanded the company's product supply and geographical distribution and will sell these products through the company's existing interventional heart disease sales department.
Third party car valuation wind control platform " car e - valuation" announces new round of financing of rmb100 million
Car e estimation announced today that it has completed a new round of financing of 100 million yuan, led by Sina strategy. At the same time, car e - estimation has reached strategic cooperation with Sina, which will provide support in technology research and data integration. Car e - estimation is currently positioned as a valuation wind control platform for the relevant b - terminal on the upstream of second-hand cars. the main customers are banks, various large-scale auto finance, financial leasing customers, and second-hand car dealers. more types of car dealers and consumer markets, including credit reporting, evaluation, monitoring, financing, etc., have been laid out to carry out more comprehensive wind control services.
New product
Logitech, a world-renowned computer peripheral equipment supplier, launches a webcam that takes 4 k videos
According to TechCrunch, Logitech has now introduced a high-end webcam brio 4k pro, which supports 4k @ 30 fps video recording and also supports 1080 p @ 60 fps and 720 p @ 90 fps modes. The price is 199 us dollars. Brio 4k pro also supports nearly lossless 5x amplification, even in 1080 p mode. Another highlight of this camera is its built-in infrared sensor, which supports windows hello face recognition. In addition, it also supports HDR mode, supports the maximum 90 / medium 78 / minimum 65 range of view, and users can freely switch between video calls.
Beatsx headphones officially launched on February 10, with two new colors
Beatsx headphones will be launched on Friday, February 10. beats by dre announced the official release date of the headphones on Twitter today. Yesterday, rumors started circulating that beatsx headphones were about to be released, and apple and best buy websites also showed signs that new headphones products were about to be launched. In December last year, apple updated the timing of beatsx's launch, when apple only said that the headset would be released in February. Cnet reported today that when beatsx goes public, users will be able to choose white or black, and beatsx will have two other colors, gray and blue.
Kuka 7 - axis lightweight robot mass production in spring, able to perform a variety of medical work such as " bone sawing."
Recently, robot giant kuka announced that kuka lbr med robots will be put into mass production in spring 2017. The robot was displayed at the medicia medical exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany, last November. the robot can assist people in surgery or medical rehabilitation. The mass production of lbr med robots may be able to solve some medical efficiency problems. it is an important attempt to popularize and promote medical robots.
Samsung's next generation galaxy S8 will welcome these three major changes
According to foreign media reports, Samsung's next-generation flagship galaxy S8 has been coming out more and more recently, and many news about this generation of models have appeared on the internet. Judging from the information collected so far, the changes of the next generation galaxy S8 will mainly focus on three aspects: 1. brand new appearance design: galaxy S8 will have a radical design scheme with ultra-high screen ratio and almost no border; 2. there is a big improvement in performance: sources say S8 will be equipped with Xiaolong 835 chips, which will reduce power consumption by 40 % and realize a 27 % improvement in performance at the same time. 3. improved endurance.

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