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Experts say that apple watches sell 6 million pieces a quarter, will they become the next product li
Core hints :The wearable market is having a bad time, which seems to be a common perception at present.

Release date:2018-07-14

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The wearable market is having a bad time, which seems to be a common perception at present.
Pepp le died, fitbit laid off 6 %, and jawbone, the originator of wearable devices, withdrew from the consumer bracelet market ... however, some organizations claimed that the sales volume of apple watches in the fourth quarter of 2016 exceeded 6 million pieces, setting a new sales record?
This latest data comes from can alys, a third-party data company. According to its estimate, more than 6 million apple watches were sold out in the shopping season, up 12 % year - on - year, generating more than 2.6 billion us dollars in revenue for apple. Breaking the best record in wearable market history.
This result is indeed unprecedented in the wearable market, because it means that apple's market share of smart watches reached almost 80 % in Q4.
Although this data cannot be fully believed, the monitoring results of can alys are basically the same as cook's vague " show off" at last week's earnings conference call:
" the sales performance of apple watches has indeed set a record. the market demand in the shopping season is so strong that we don't have enough goods at all. "
Jason low, an analyst with can alys, explained in this public report the main reason why apple watch " went against the trend."
" in addition to major updates on the hardware and software of apple watch 2, the main reason for the outstanding sales results is its streamlined marketing methods and readjusted prices, which helps apple expand its user base. "
Indeed, the reduction in the price of apple watch over the past few months is relatively obvious. at present, many foreign distributors have lowered the price of some models of apple watch series 1 to 199.99 us dollars.
In addition, throughout the year, according to can alys, sales of apple watch exceeded 11.9 million units in 2016, accounting for almost half of the global market ( 49 % ). This extraordinary number has also basically established apple's position in the global smart watch market.
According to market share, fitbit ( fitbit's smart watch is actually more like an intelligent fitness tracker and does not support third-party app ) and Samsung ranked second and third with 17 % and 15 %, respectively. While the remaining 19 % was basically occupied by all other small manufacturers.
However, it is worth noting that can alys also mentioned Xiaomi's performance in the wearable market: the 5.5 million units shipped are really good.
Is apple watch going to be the next product line to take the lead?
Krypton reported last week that apple's Q4 earnings made the market very satisfied as both revenue and iphone sales broke records.
However, the performance of several of these product lines is really a bit ugly, such as ipad and other products. The former saw a sharp decline of 20 % year-on-year in revenue, with its contribution to revenue falling to 4th place, while the latter saw a decline of 8 % in performance and a sluggish state.
The apple watch is just classified as " other products". This category includes small products and accessories such as apple watch, apple TV, beats and ipod, with Q4 earning about 4 billion us dollars.
Assuming that according to can alys' estimated data ( us $ 2.6 billion in revenue ), the proportion of revenue contributed by apple watch actually accounts for 65 % of this category ( accounting for 3.3 % of total revenue ), which has reached a level that can lead the way?
If you look at the dismal sales volume of ipod in recent years and the apple TV named " underperforming" by cook, this large category of sales volume really depends on apple watch.
In the last quarter of 2014, ipod contributed only 1 % to apple's revenue ( about 40 million USD ); However, the sales volume of apple TV ( TV box ) has not only suffered a continuous quarterly decline, its market share has been ranked fourth ( 20 % ) in the United States since 2015. While beats headphones have only 16 % market share in the wireless headset market.
In the last quarter of 2014, ipod sales accounted for only 1 % of total revenue. Picture from MAC rumors
Here, the cautious and sensitive apple has a " small habit": when it feels uncertain about the prospect of a business line, it will refuse to disclose the specific data of this category.
For example, by the end of 2014, ipod single product sales will not be announced separately ( they will be officially classified as other products in the 2015 fiscal season ). for example, apple watch, which has not published sales data since the beginning of the sale, will not announce the first week sales after the 2016 iphone 7 press conference ...
For apple, whether the result of apple watch is a flash in the pan depends on its performance in the remaining three financial seasons of 2017 ( non-shopping season ). At the same time, although the wearable market as a whole is weak, we have also seen some signs of recovery:
For example, although fitbit lacks confidence in its fourth quarter results ( causing a 30 % drop in shares ), the company still plans to release its own app store as soon as possible. And sneaker brand new balance recently released its first Android smart watch, run IQ. In addition, there is also a model photo of smart watch coming out of HTC.
According to this trend, will apple watch become the next important product line that can disclose data? ( of course, you can doubt the accuracy of this data )

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