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Don't be slaves to data, be loyal to your own values.
Core hints :Editor's note: in the process of enterprise growth, the founders will face various choices. At this time, you need Do not forget your initiative mind to stick to the principle so that the enterprise can move forward more healthily and upwards.

Release date:2018-07-14

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Editor's note: in the process of enterprise growth, the founders will face various choices. At this time, you need Do not forget your initiative mind to stick to the principle so that the enterprise can move forward more healthily and upwards.
If you want to run a business, you will frequently make choices. these problems conflict with each other. Should you continue to invest or preserve your strength? Is it hiring or laying off employees? Choose better quality products or parts or maximize profits? Be loyal to your original goal or adjust your goal according to the market situation? It seems that every decision, big or small, has its own meaning - it has different meaning for the survival, sustainable development and growth of enterprises. After a period of time, we will find that these " choices with consequences" need guiding principles to guide us and need a more macro way to indicate the direction of progress.
Ten years ago, when I founded the company, what I didn't know far exceeded my expectation. This is very normal. when I talk with fellow entrepreneurs, especially those who start their own career from art, craft or skills, they all agree that the " on-the-job training" for the position of boss is the most intense. you will force yourself to continuously reevaluate your original motivation and way of doing this. Each day these challenges your core motives and dreams. you must ask yourself what is the most important, what is the problem, and what you should pay attention to.
From the first day on, I knew that my goal was to build a strong community culture, become a good partner, and establish the highest quality product standards ( as far as we are concerned, it involves the TV and movie industries ). In the market, I want to keep innovating and adapting to the market all the time, and at the same time provide the best creative atmosphere for people. This is very idealistic, which makes me skeptical about general business data: organization chart, five-year plan, ibida forecast, etc. I feel that these things will turn our creative career into an enterprise. More importantly, these things make me feel that I have to finish or have too much frustration.
I think as entrepreneurs, they are often asked to evaluate incorrect things in our business. If you do not meet the income targets and growth standards, will your company fail? On the contrary, if you have to sacrifice the core value of entrepreneurship in order to meet these goals, is this success? If it is not towards the end, can't you simply enjoy the journey?
It has been 10 years since I founded the company. I have been thinking a lot about these conflicts over the past 10 years. I changed, accepted and took over many operations that I initially decided not to touch. Cash flow is crucial. Equally important are management structures and human resources policies. But I still resist other standards that others think should be used to evaluate my enterprise. Combining the above two aspects, I have summed up a simple set of standards, that is, it is better to define my own values than to set up a series of specific goals.
I sat down and listed what was important to me and my business - from corporate culture to products. Now, whenever I need to make difficult decisions about the future of the company, I will refer to these standards. these standards may overlap with the traditional standards, which is very good. But even if you develop slowly, even if the company has changed, one thing that is very important is to ask yourself what is the reason and what is the real meaning of entering this field for the first time. It will not remind you all the time, but it will make others feel that it is part of your journey and will eventually become part of your brand.
I did this according to the following:
1. list the values that are important to you
Is creativity interesting? Can it help the company achieve meaningful development? Does this moment focus on growth or stable core business? Will this not damage the integrity of our brand? How can we realize the sustainable development of the company?
2. communicate your values
You have to let people know what is most important to you and the character of the company and pass this value on to the market. When your values become the core of your work, they will become the core of your brand.
3. appropriate employment
The established values will help you with your employment. Not only will like-minded people find you, they can also make choices based on the values conveyed by the interviewers.
4. update your values
Your values will be challenged and sacrificed. You must strive to maintain your own values and remain true to yourself and your own values. Check your adherence to this set of values every year ( or more frequently ) and check whether this set of values conflicts with other goals. These values are your foundation and you can build other things in various ways.

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