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The 2019 south China industrial intelligence exhibition opens today at shenzhen convention and exhib
Core hints :(4 dec 2019, shenzhen, China) the south China industrial intelligence exhibition 2019 ( SMF 2019 ) kicked off today at t

Release date:2019-12-05

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(4 dec 2019, shenzhen, China) the south China industrial intelligence exhibition 2019 (" SMF 2019 ") kicked off today at the shenzhen convention and exhibition center, and will be on display until Friday (6 dec 2019).
SMF 2019 is a one-stop business and communication platform for the intelligent manufacturing industry, with on-site exhibits covering innovative products and technologies from smart factories, intelligent testing, industrial robots, industrial Internet of things and upstream and downstream of the automation industry chain. To cater for the first year of 5G, a 5G technology exhibition area with the theme of "5G x automation" and a 5G theme conference will be specially set in this year, focusing on the application and solution of 5G innovation. In previous years, the popular "smart conference" continued to be held, with the gathering of big names, providing a high-value education and communication platform for professionals.
5G technology exhibition area made its debut
Many innovative products are attracting attention
The theme of this exhibition is "the road of smart manufacturing ·5G advance", and one of the highlights worth attention is the "5G technology exhibition area" led by well-known enterprises such as Germany Beckhoff, zhongdenwei and hawkeye, showing industrial automation solutions and technologies in the era of 5G in a one-stop manner.
▲5G technology exhibition area, attracted the attention of many industry audiences
In addition to 5G related display, the field automation industry chain up and down the dizzying display of products. SMF 2019 brings together a number of renowned exhibitors, including: Acquisitive, beautiful ideal intelligence, the intelligence, Chinese laborers laser, quaternion, suzhou le, son of prosperity, Dana in micro, Taiwan da, long's inquiry, benevolence, Ann and prosperity, WuZhou, hon Ann, professor shen li, hsieh yu, LanQing environmental protection, was at home, friends, glow electricity, space navigation boats, xian tai gold, constant, eagle eye, super source, easy to let information times, teng hai, farce, central south, pars, shenyang instrument, Beijing xianghe peak, is steady, strong jiangsu branch, Shanghai on building, taian purple wave, but laser, shun, yu, China power grid are his core, and Mr West, YangPu, sharp, kompass, genesis, bello instrument, Long Enjun chongqing, unity, shigeru source macro kay photoelectric...
The visitors in the museum are like a tide, the exhibitors and visitors are eager to communicate with each other, and the business atmosphere is very strong. Mr. Zhang, from byd company, said, "I came to visit the exhibition and saw a lot of innovative automation technologies and products. I was very surprised and found a favorite partner for the company's future business development."
The parallel intelligence conference has attracted much attention,
All the big names gathered to talk about the new era
"Smart building conference" is also a highlight of SMF, which is co-organized by IDC, guangdong e-government association, guangdong manufacturing association, guangdong robotics association, China computer news and other organizations and media, inviting a large number of big players to share market trends and teach technical experience.
On the fair, director of shenzhen huawei cloud Internet pei-song li, IDC China's emerging technology research, senior research manager Cui Kai, times FuZhongGuo product manager Su Huihua, sun yat-sen university associate professor and doctoral tutor Cui Guofeng, NVIDIA Xu Chao (NVIDIA) professional visual computing business development manager, schneider electric industrial automation business district Peng Wu, head of the business, China unicom guangzhou industrial Chen ying, director of the center for Internet gurus first began, with the audience, discuss the influences of 5 g technology for smart industry, application, and the technology of intelligent manufacturing and trend analysis.
The scene is full of seats, guests quip, get the audience's praise again and again. Mr. XX from XX company gave a very high evaluation to the conference: "the speakers are all experienced big coffee in the industry, the sharing content is also very suitable for the current development of the industry, the practicality is very strong, I gain very rich."
Tomorrow (5 December) "smart" meeting will continue for one day, IDC China industry research and consulting service, senior research manager, the executive director of robot association of guangdong Ren Yutong, guangdong seiko intelligent system co., LTD., vice President/chief expert Song Junhua higher-ups will soon appeared, more popular issue soon began to don't miss:
Meeting A
2019 China smart factory summit forum - "cloud manufacturing is smarter"
09:30-10:00 industrial Internet of things helps Chinese smart manufacturing
Digital transformation boosts innovation in intelligent manufacturing
Infor industry cloud kit to help China intelligent manufacturing
11:00 -- 11:30 connect insight optimized, intelligent manufacturing based on industrial Internet
How can the manufacturing industry take advantage of the cloud to realize the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing
12:00 draw
The meeting area B
Forum on robot driving quality development of manufacturing industry
Development status and development ideas of robot industry in guangdong province
Intelligent power defect inspection robot
Application of SRT robot vision technology in high-end manufacturing equipment
AGV industry supports intelligent manufacturing in the digital age
Let the robot learn to perceive
▲ SMF VR dynamic racing challenge, which is well received by the audience

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