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With the support of the policy, the 100th intelligent robot in gansu has been completed.
Core hints :According to lanzhou evening news, chuangchuang, the 100th intelligent robot born in longshang, officially stepped off t

Release date:2019-12-05

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 According to lanzhou evening news, chuangchuang, the 100th intelligent robot born in longshang, officially stepped off the production line on December 1, becoming another "sophisticated" product labeled "made in gansu" in zhangye intelligent manufacturing park. On the same day, reporters were invited to follow the gansu jiantou sijian group led by the media team into the zhangye intelligent industrial park to witness this exciting scene.
Smart technology is springing up in gansu
Zhangye intelligent industrial park is located in zhangye new area. The team first came to ganzhou industrial company in the park. The products of enterprises that have signed up in the park are displayed in the hall, including uav service solutions, artificial AI application solutions, user-end somatosensory solutions, eco-environmental protection application solutions, holographic image technology application solutions and so on.
Zhangye intelligent manufacturing industrial park has been a number of enterprises settled and actually put into operation. Chuangze intelligent robot co., ltd. is one of them, the team came to the company to visit, just entered the company, a naive robot immediately aroused the interest of reporters, he is to take reporters to visit the company. The original production of intelligent robot company from shandong, in August this year in zhangye intelligent manufacturing industrial park and began production, they developed dandan, qi qi, chuang chuang and other education, medical, party construction robots.
In the workshop, dozens of workers are putting the final touches to the robots on assembly lines. "Chuangchuang will be the 100th robot to be produced in gansu." Chuangze intelligent robot co., LTD. Deputy general manager, zhangye park general manager li jian excitedly told reporters. "Ai is just emerging, and we also want to quickly capture the market. We will set up a factory in gansu, and the neighboring provinces will come to learn, so the market will open up." The company in zhangye has reached the output value of 20 million yuan, the output value of next year will reach 100 million yuan.
Government-enterprise cooperation to build key provincial projects
"Robotics, mobile phones, these coastal developed regions such as unmanned aircraft manufacturing industry is now in LongYuan earth sprout, there is no doubt of gansu industrial transformation and upgrading, speed up the intelligent manufacturing industry development bring new economic growth point and hope, and it was built for the construction of four houses group in gansu for the enterprise incubation provides infrastructure security." Yang yonggang, manager of gansu jiantou ganzhou industrial development company, said that the scientific planning and well-equipped intelligent manufacturing industry science and technology park is why so many enterprises choose to settle here.
Manager Yang said, zhangye intelligent manufacturing industrial park is gansu jiantou sijian group positive response to the national rural revitalization strategy and industrial poverty alleviation policy, and zhangye municipal party committee and municipal government timely docking investment and construction of key projects, belong to the provincial list of key projects. The park is planned to cover an area of 910 mu, with a total construction area of 796,700 square meters and a total investment of 3.586 billion yuan. Construction of the industrial park started in October last year, and the first phase of 11 standardized plants covering 110,000 square meters and supporting facilities including roads, greening, water supply, air conditioning and power supply have all been completed, and the enterprises have started to operate successively. The 12 standardized plants in the north district of phase ii have entered the final stage, and the settled enterprises have entered the site for decoration one after another. Phase iii covers an area of 70,000 square meters. 5 standardized plants will be capped on November 20. So far, the park has invested 1.4 billion yuan.

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