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Drone maker education, middle and high-end sportswear, intelligent unmanned supermarket... Here are
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Release date:2019-12-05

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 Recently, sponsored by the association of hangzhou science and technology innovation entrepreneurship "hangzhou project" the fourth phase of the roadshow held in hangzhou, the event, the sea and medical treatment, the dynamic effect of science and technology, wow, one 20 movement of science and technology, bo force hydraulic control, clean environment, intelligent before nine ling science and technology, and the original eight projects took part in the roadshow, here is 36 kr the roadshow collection of the project:
Project name: haichuang medical treatment
Established in February 2015, haichuang medical co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medical consumables, with perioperative high-value consumables as the main development direction.
In 2017, the company's first product, chuangbi kiss, began to enter the market. Cuanbianca series of products are class II medical devices, which are non-invasive disposable consumables for the closure of skin wounds in surgical operations, and can be used for non-invasive and extensional closure of postoperative wounds, such as the closure of skin incisions in cesarean section, open abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, etc. Product components are imported medical implant-grade materials, good biocompatibility, no skin irritation.
At present, the products of haichuang medical also include chuangbigu and maimika series products. Cuobigu products are the catheter fixers of the operating room fee catalog, which are superior to similar competitors in adhesion, sensitization, universality, catheter fixation and convenience of wound treatment. The unique solomicin (UMF) in manuka honey has unique antibacterial activity and antioxidant capacity, which can inhibit bacteria, moisturize and promote the natural healing of wounds.
In addition, haichuang medical also has a wholly-owned subsidiary - hangzhou jin 'an medical devices co., LTD., specializing in the sale of medical devices. Among them, chuangbi kiss, chuangbi solid products mainly in the medical channel, while melica series products are mainly sold to the new retail channels. Since its establishment, the company's products have covered many key provinces and cities in China and exported to Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions and countries.
Project name: dynamic technology brand marketing
Established in August 2019, the company mainly provides enterprises with one-stop visual marketing services, including 3d animation, short videos, promotional videos, and brand marketing planning and production.
The main service areas of dynamic effect technology include science and technology products, digital products, household appliances, household products, beauty products, IP animation and so on. By providing a full range of creative visual display services, the company can better create brand image and product value. Three months after its establishment, the company has gained hundreds of potential customers and dozens of signed customers.
Headquartered in hangzhou, the company has a total of more than 10 people, the company has a senior shooting, planning, post-production team, the core members in the field of marketing and visual imaging has more than 10 years of rich experience.
Project name: wow technology intelligent hardware
Wowo technology was founded in 2015. Its main product is a smart instant mixer for pan-beverage, which has entered the stage of mass production transformation.
The smart mixer features 110 drinks, including coffee, milk tea, juice, enzymes, soy milk, milk, tea, carbonated drinks, sparkling water, etc. In terms of cost, the price of ready-to-drink drinks is as low as the bottled range. For example, a 400ml coke costs only 1.2 yuan. And the newest disinfection technology of wow science and technology, can electrolyze ozone gas from water, enter silo disinfection and inhibit bacterial breeding.
Drone maker education, middle and high-end sportswear, intelligent unmanned supermarket... Here are eight early projects for hangzhou to watch
Wow technology pan-drink intelligent instant mixer
At present, the product has applied for nearly 27 patents, among which 330 patents. In September 2019, the intelligent instant mixer for ubiquitous drinks began to be put into trial operation. In the future in the profit model, including hardware sales, raw material sales, advertising and so on.
The founder, fu jun, has worked in ali for 8 years and is a senior Marketing expert. In addition, he has 5 years of experience in robot development and management. Other core members have rich experience in industrial production, structural research and finance.
Project name: one twenty sports apparel
One twenty movement is a customized flexible production supplier, the company has its own r & d center and production customization base. based on quick response and flexible production, the 1 20 sports provides functional and customizable high-end sports apparel and equipment for sports lovers, such as basketball, football, running, fitness and outdoor sports.
One twenty movement provides zero inventory, a minimum order, customizable, fast delivery services and Internet distribution and sales solutions, and to provide customers with fully customized open design services, and based on the existing brand product upgrade of the secondary customized services.
The reason for choosing sportswear is that the team is optimistic about the development of this category. Statistics show that by the end of 2019, the retail sales of sportswear are expected to exceed 300 billion yuan, maintaining a growth rate of nearly 20 percent. But at present, China's per capita sports consumption is only one tenth of that of developed countries, with huge potential.
Founder and CEO wu yan used to be the product director of one city one dream, and he is a researcher tutor of zhejiang university. The other core members of the team are mainly from ali.
Project name: bole hydraulic control high-end hydraulic driver
Established in October 2019, boli hydraulic control is committed to the research and development of high dynamic quality hydraulic servo drive products, providing high performance drivers, controllers and other modular products for intelligent hydraulic equipment such as robots.
The advantages of high load, high frequency, high integration degree of hydraulic drive are obvious, but the current industry pain point is that the hydraulic control technology can not keep up with the rapid development of the robot market demand.
At present, bole hydraulic control focuses on the fields of special robots, medical robots, bionic robots and intelligent construction machinery, hoping to solve the problem of hydraulic servo driver and its core technology foundation, and to fill the shortage of domestic high-end hydraulic drive products.
The core members of boli hydraulic control are all from zhejiang university, and the technical members are from the state key laboratory of fluid transmission and electromechanical control, zhejiang university.
Project name: clean printing environmental protection
At present, there are more than 100,000 printing factories in China, and the printing market size has reached 10 trillion yuan. But this is a key industry of environmental protection regulation, the whole market is facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading.
Jieyin environment is an innovative environmental protection enterprise, specializing in the lean VOCs hazardous waste gas collection and treatment in the printing industry.
Drone maker education, middle and high-end sportswear, intelligent unmanned supermarket... Here are eight early projects for hangzhou to watch
Clean environment VOCs waste gas treatment technology
The clean printing environment USES the new fine collection technology of harmful waste gas independently developed, which can greatly reduce the air volume needed to collect, increase the collection rate of waste gas to 99%, and increase the removal rate to more than 85%. Cooperate with the professional mobile desorption system, reduce the enterprise operation and maintenance expenses, ensure all printing enterprises to achieve 100% emission standards, ensure the overall equipment purchase and use costs than the original at least 50% lower.
Project name: jiuling technology maker education
In recent years, Steam education has been developing vigorously with the support of policies. However, at present, the training institutions are single, most of which are robot, children's programming, airplane model training, etc.
What jiuling technology chooses to cut into is drone maker education. At present, the lecturers of uav training institutions are uneven, most of them have not received professional training, and the curriculum system is fragmented, lacking a complete teaching system.
Focusing on primary and secondary schools, jiuling technology provides targeted drone teaching courses, teaching materials and teaching AIDS for students aged 8-16. With a research and development team, jiuling technology can independently develop a variety of uav products suitable for primary and secondary schools.
Founder and CEO wang chunda is a serial entrepreneur with five years of entrepreneurial management experience. Co-founder and CTO jin jie is a PhD from Dublin city university, a visiting scholar at the university of Cambridge, and a co-founder of cd-link in Denmark. He has 10 years of experience in FPGA/MPSoC development and project management, and 8 years of experience in AIoT technology development for uav moving edge computing.
Project name: gongyuan smart smart retail
Gongyuan qianai is a company that makes unmanned intelligent transformation for supermarkets. The team invested tens of millions of funds to develop the system and products, which were officially launched at the end of 2018.
Gongyuan qianyi has independently developed an intelligent anti-theft charging system for medium and large unmanned supermarkets, and its core products include intelligent shopping cart, intelligent door gates, intelligent shelves and intelligent monitoring, hoping to reduce the artificial space and wastage cost of large supermarkets.
The founder, xu tianhong, has established 6 factories and has rich experience in product design, development, production, sales, management and operation. Co-founder liu yuejin is now the chairman of weibo.com. He once participated in the research and development of the wireless charging project of the royal institute of technology in Sweden. He was the technical director of Shanghai unicom and a visiting professor of Shanghai jiao tong university.

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