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Intelligent technology to create a different jd double 11 (group photo)
Core hints :This double 11, if you haven't heard of unmanned technology, that's too much OUT. Nearly two days, jingdong unmanned aer

Release date:2019-11-13

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 This double 11, if you haven't heard of "unmanned" technology, that's too much OUT. Nearly two days, jingdong unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been in Beijing, suqian, xi 'an, etc to put into operation at the same time, jingdong unmanned vehicle in Beijing as well to complete the first single distribution, jingdong unmanned capsule "in" the home front, 24-hour intelligent sorting for distribution to exempt ahead "worries", AR/VR technology is shaped immersive shopping experience for consumers.
After loading the goods in the delivery station, jd's unmanned vehicles will deliver the goods to the designated location through autonomous path planning, and inform users to receive the goods through jd APP, mobile phone SMS, etc. Users can open the warehouse to receive the goods by entering the pick-up code in front of the unmanned vehicles. The jd unmanned vehicle carrying out the task of Nov. 11 delivery has a lot of black technology. It is equipped with lidar and multiple vision sensors. It builds a three-dimensional environment by generating parallax map and other methods to control the obstacle avoidance of the unmanned vehicle. Through deep learning algorithm, it can be sensitive to identify traffic signs and lane lines; The feature based synchronous positioning and drawing technology of robot realizes autonomous positioning and map creation of unmanned vehicle, and can recognize the road better than most people. based on high-precision stereo image data and GNSS satellite positioning system, it can carry out precise route planning and navigation and positioning with a positioning accuracy of up to centimeter-level.
A jd drone took off at 2:30 PM on nov 11 in yingsicun, yongledian town, tongzhou district, in its first flight in Beijing. Since entering into the double 11 festival, jd drones have been put into operation in suqian, xi 'an, Beijing and other places at the same time. In terms of technology, jd has developed multi-form and multi-power uav models including multi-rotor, vertical take-off and landing as well as electric, oil-powered or gas-electric hybrid, which can carry up to 30 kilograms of cargo and fly a distance of 30 kilometers. At present, jingdong is speeding up the improvement of 360° autonomous obstacle avoidance and intelligent route planning, and improving and transforming the safety and stability of autonomous loading, unloading, loading and landing platforms and flight platforms in technology. At the same time, the operation process is simplified, so as to realize seamless connection between uav and jd logistics system and comprehensively improve the logistics distribution efficiency.
At present, part of the unmanned warehouse of jingdong has been successfully implemented. Gu 'an clothing warehouse of jingdong has realized shelf handling and goods sorting business through AGV (automatic guided car) intelligent robot. This new sorting mode is like a "groundhog", a mini version of the automatic vacuum cleaner. It calculates the position of the goods ordered by the order system. After acquiring the goods, it moves to the side of the "hole in the ground" used for sorting, gently raises a small hopper, and slides the goods into the sorting box under the floor. When a large number of mini agvs act at the same time, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the pressure of goods sorting and handling brought by massive orders during the promotion period of shuangxi university is fully relieved.
During the double 11 festival, jd AIVR/AR lab released the first APP that supports VR (virtual reality) /AR (augmented reality) dual mode -- JDDream. This independently developed product USES 3D modeling technology to depict the future VR/AR e-commerce shopping scene for consumers. After entering the 3C pavilion of VR via mobile phone, users can browse the electronic products freely, see the product details and product details up close, and add them to the shopping cart in VR environment. In addition to VR shopping, jd pays more attention to the development and application of AR technology. In the APP, users can enter the AR home furnishing venues, select furniture products completed through fine modeling, and move and place them according to the actual volume proportion.

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