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FiFish flying fish: other people's drones can fly, but it can dive
Core hints :One of the CES2017 innovation awards winners is the FiFish, an underwater drone with diving skills.There is a saying tha

Release date:2019-11-13

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 One of the CES2017 innovation awards winners is the FiFish, an underwater drone with diving skills.
There is a saying that goes, "you can reach the moon in nine heavens and catch turtles in five oceans." human beings have always been curious to explore the earth where they live.
According to the first half of this sentence, from spaceships like tiangong ii to popular aerial drones, the unmanned aerial vehicles developed by human beings occupy different air Spaces with different positions. In contrast, there are only a few unmanned aerial vehicles, especially in the field of consumer electronics.
On the one hand, the relevant technical fields and industrial applications are mostly limited to scientific research and military applications. On the other hand, this kind of underwater products are faced with a high technical threshold, which leads to the fact that the underwater unmanned vehicle market is still not as popular as aerial photography uav. However, this does not mean that there is no market for them.
In the CES2017 innovation award list, one of the most impressive underwater drones with diving skills is the FiFish flying fish, a product developed by finsource technology. It is also the world's first underwater drone to enter the consumer market.
Data shows, the fin source of science and technology at the beginning of this year received too firebird's blue jade bird fund, millet, co-founder of Li Wanqiang, innovation works kai-fu lee, AC angel angel investment funds and the rainbow fish, products as early as in 2016 CES appearance during the international consumer electronics show, but at that time the product shape is relatively junior, now functions has matured a lot.
Different from aerial uav, FiFish flying fish is a product used for underwater action shooting. Users can enjoy the vast underwater world through the equipment without entering the water. In the current era of uav flooding, this unique perspective of deep underwater is very new to most people.
FiFish flying fish can travel at a speed of 2.5 knots at a maximum depth of 100m. The 100 meters here is not the same as the aerial aerial drone launched 100 meters, remember that the amount of pressure an object is subjected to in the water is proportional to the depth, each dive of 1 meter will bring a more rigorous test of the technical specifications of the product.
The core components of FiFish flying fish are the underwater propulsion system, the underwater camera and lighting system, the control system, the underwater remote control electronic communication device and the real-time display system on the water, etc. Through the 180-degree camera head, 4K hd images from the water can be transmitted in real time.
The whole diving operation process needs to be connected by cable. At the same time, in order to bring immersive underwater visual experience, "FiFish flying fish" also adopts the same presentation mode as some current aerial photography uavs -- VR. Users only need to wear VR glasses on land to watch the shocking underwater images.
Fin source founder zhang said her, "71% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans, now been human exploration of the sea area is less than 5%, so far there are 12 people have been to the moon, more than 500 people have been to space, but only three people visited the deepest of the ocean is earth's lowest mariana trench, compared with the land, is the mysterious underwater world."
"FiFish flying fish", as the first attempt to bring military and industrial underwater robots into the consumer market, provides a new way for individuals to understand and explore the ocean. It satisfies the desire of more ordinary people to explore the underwater world.

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