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Take the initiative to undertake jiangbei new district industrial transfer jurong rise semiconductor
Core hints :In jiangbei new area of nanjing, there is a city of chips. More than 200 famous enterprises such as Taiwan semiconductor

Release date:2019-11-13

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 In jiangbei new area of nanjing, there is a "city of chips". More than 200 famous enterprises such as Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co., LTD and purple light storage co. In jurong, the core city of nanjing metropolitan circle, a "core" force is rising. A number of projects with high technological content and strong driving capacity, such as Taiwan semiconductor industrial park and one degree technology, have settled in succession, and the semiconductor industry is gathering rapidly.
Semiconductor industry is known as electronic information industry "crown pearl". Jurong economic development zone seize the opportunity of nanjing to build "100 billion core capital", take the initiative to undertake the industrial transfer of jiangbei new area, take the semiconductor industry as a strategic measure to promote high-quality development, and develop a semiconductor industry cluster with park characteristics.
Action fast semiconductor enterprises have entered
"I'm a robot guide, please follow me." Recently, jiangsu yidu technology co., LTD., about 1.5 meters high "baymax" is carrying out yidu technology exhibition hall guidance work. "Yidu technology is a private enterprise that integrates advanced semiconductor packaging, chip packaging and testing and other manufacturing services. As a strategic emerging industry, its photoelectric semiconductor chip is listed as a major industrial project in jiangsu province in 2019." Baymax introduced himself to the guests.
The contract was signed in January 2018 and the trial production was conducted in May, which took 4 months. It took less than half a year from the trial production to the launch of the new product. Yi-tech has refreshed the fastest speed of local project construction. "The semiconductor, die-cutting and other product workshops are now in operation, and 10,000 12-inch wafers are being shipped from here every month." Zhang yong, executive President of yidu, said that after all the factories in the park are up and running, the annual output value will reach 4.5 billion yuan.
The contract was signed at the end of July this year, and the company began to move in August. It is expected that all 7 factories will be decorated before the end of December, and the project of Taiwan semiconductor industrial park is also in rapid progress. This project integrates Taiwan chenwei electronics co., LTD., sunyi technology co., LTD., and other companies, mainly engaged in chip design, chip packaging and testing, flexible copper clad plate and other semiconductor related products production. Project leader huang tao said that part of the production equipment is about to be installed and tested. By the end of the year, two intelligent terminal production lines will have production capacity. By the end of next year, 18 production lines will be put into operation, and the sales will reach 2 billion yuan within three years.
In addition to yidu technology and Taiwan semiconductor industrial park, China science and technology, China visual language, enlightenment Internet of things, high light semiconductor, guosheng electronics and other projects have been settled. From scratch, the semiconductor industry in jurong economic development zone has initially formed an industrial cluster.
Positioning to increase industrial chain synergy and complementarity
Why are so many semiconductor companies coming? Liu siyin, director of the investment promotion bureau of jurong economic development zone, believes that the cluster effect of semiconductor industry in the development zone can't be separated from favorable conditions, geographical conditions and people.
One step ahead to seek development, quick seize opportunities. After years of development, jurong economic development zone has taken shape the characteristic industries such as optoelectronics, electromechanical and new materials, but it is also facing industrial transformation and upgrading. "Jiangbei new area of nanjing proposed to build a 'chip city'. Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co., LTD., purple light and other 'giants' have settled down. This should be the best opportunity for us to transform." Liu siyin said that in recent years, jurong has focused on building "jiangsu silicon valley" in the eastern part of nanjing city and accelerated its progress to "zhizhuohighland", which has accumulated new momentum for the development zone to undertake the industrial transfer of jiangbei new area.
"One choose jurong, see it is very close to xianlin university city." Zhang yong said that yidu technology works closely with the institute of optoelectronic engineering of nanjing university and the institute of information industry of nanjing university of posts and telecommunications to promote the transformation of results and recruit technical talents.
Facts have proved that jurong economic development zone is on the right path of upgrading and transformation. The strong momentum of the rapid rise of the semiconductor industry ignites the "core" engine of the park's development.
Our services are excellent, innovative and first-class business environment
Investment attraction, contract signing, production, jurong economic development zone work pace is fast. Behind the high efficiency lies the innovative and optimized business environment of the development zone.
based on the actual development zone, "nuggets" stock of land, the construction of new carriers. On the one hand, this innovative measure solves the pressing problem of idle land enterprises; on the other hand, it solves the problem that new projects cannot take root in a short term due to the limited land index and long construction period. Yidu technology project USES more than 300 mu of land and 80,000 square meters of idle plant.
"In jurong, we feel like coming home." Li jianxiang, chairman of huaxiangyao (jiangsu) electronic technology co., LTD., said it took less than half a month from the project inspection to the signing of the settlement. "As for the specific matters concerning the implementation of the cooperation, as long as our enterprise has needs, the staff of the development zone will communicate with us anytime and anywhere, no matter when they are on or off duty."
Industry "core army" rise, cannot leave government "threading needle". The development zone has implemented new policies such as assistant services and support opinions for the development of pan-semiconductor industry, and formulated guidance and support measures with high gold content and strong pertinence in terms of capital, talents, research and development, platform and transformation of achievements. Currently, the development zone is actively compiling the three-year development plan of semiconductor industry in the development zone, which plans to continue to target the semiconductor industry and promote high-quality development of jurong in the next 3-5 years.

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