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Stenden's first overseas project landed, accelerating the international layout
Core hints :On November 8, 2019, stende robot completed the landing and delivery of its first overseas project, which also marks the

Release date:2019-11-13

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 On November 8, 2019, stende robot completed the landing and delivery of its first overseas project, which also marks the official start of stende's new journey in overseas market and accelerated its international layout.
Rich technical system, fast demand response
For the Middle East project, the customer, based on stenden's existing standardized products, initially raised high requirements for non-standardization, involving complex production logistics automation such as AGV roller integration and roller table docking.
Faced with the high requirements of customers, stenden had virtually done enough preparation. Since 2018, stenden has completed nearly 100 projects, each of which is the process of directly understanding the actual needs of customers, and can understand the changes of different application scenarios and customers' diverse requirements for equipment. Through the experience of these projects in different industries and different application scenarios, stenden has formed a rich application technology system, which can quickly propose appropriate flexible logistics solutions for different application scenarios.
Therefore, stenden's rapid demand response and professionalism won the initial good impression and praise from customers.
Flexible logistics connection of production line
Oasis AGV standard base is integrated with roller, which can accomplish smooth butt joint and handling of materials with roller table.
Quality as the core, high security and high stability
In the face of overseas customers, relative to product price, product quality is the core, product safety and stability in the process of operation is the primary consideration.
Focus on product quality, this has been stenden insisted. Stende has studied Oasis 300/600 laser navigation AGV and FMS scheduling system, focusing on the research and development of core technologies, including laser SLAM technology, system scheduling, core control technology, etc. Stende knows that mastering core technologies is the key competitive advantage to support the long-term development of AGV enterprises. Technology is the core to ensure the quality of products. Technology has been improved qualitatively in tens of millions of tests applied to products, which has greatly improved the safety and stability of products.
The product has a high security and stability, but it is still not convincing to customers before it is used. What customers need is to truly feel the presentation effect of the product in the process of operation. After multiple communications, the landing presentation of multiple application cases in similar scenes is naturally indispensable. Finally, before the delivery of the project, stenden delivery staff's professionalism in on-site debugging, as well as the actual presentation of high-efficiency and flexible automation after the trial operation of the product, won the high recognition of the customer.
Customized bending flexible logistics roller way
After Oasis AGV completes the docking of the flexible materials, the roller table carries out the flexible transmission of the materials.
Stenden always adhere to the brand concept of "let mobile play a greater value", with mature technology, high-quality products and flexible solutions, to meet the needs of more customers, towards the international market.
A single spark can start a prairie fire.

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