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Is your next best friend going to be a robot?
Core hints :Carla martin-wood, an American woman who lives in Birmingham, ala., says she feels Echo is her best friend.For Clara, 69

Release date:2019-11-08

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 Carla martin-wood, an American woman who lives in Birmingham, ala., says she feels Echo is her best friend.
For Clara, 69, living alone has become increasingly difficult. She is becoming one of those who rely on the Echo, a voice-controlled, internet-connected smart speaker backed by artificial intelligence software, to help fill her lonely void.
Every morning and evening, Clara greets Alexa, the ai in Echo, as she calls her, like a human. "When I realized I was talking to the machine, it was fun," Clara said. But actually, I don't feel like I'm talking to the machine. She has her own personality, at least not as artificial."
Amazon's engineers didn't expect this. But soon after launching the Echo in November 2014, they found that people started talking about the Echo as if it were a person. Amazon tracks all interactions with Alexa, and it also supports the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. Many of these interactions are not utilitarian, said Daren Gill, Alexa's director of product management.
Alexa, along with the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, apple, samsung and countless start-ups, is working on becoming a conversation-based system that wants to revolutionize the way we use and interact with computers. With advances in voice technology, this is not surprising. Even more surprising is how people work with these computers and even develop relationships.
At amazon, this has prompted engineers to rethink what Alexa means. Sensing the desire of many users for a partner, amazon personified Alexa, making its tone more natural and offering clearer and more interesting answers to common questions. "A lot of our work has focused on how to make Alexa more human, especially the family members that people want," gill said.
Google is also working on how to personalize its voice interaction and artificial intelligence services. Google has already introduced the echo-like smart speaker Google Home, which has alexa-like virtual Assistant Google Assistant support. Over the years, many people have been using phones, computers, etc. supported by Google software, which is recognized as one of the best voice recognition technologies in the industry.

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