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[industry] Letv ecology + artificial intelligence Internet will face three major changes
Core hints :Artificial intelligence technology is becoming fashionable and fashionable. AI technology and application cover many fie

Release date:2019-11-08

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 Artificial intelligence technology is becoming fashionable and fashionable. AI technology and application cover many fields such as industry, agriculture, commerce, transportation and medical treatment, which have brought great help to the optimization of social resources and the improvement of efficiency. With the increasingly mature AI technology, the application of artificial intelligence, such as unmanned aerial vehicle logistics and distribution, self-driving cars, and home robots, will completely change people's way of life.
No matter in PC era or mobile Internet era, technology drive is always the key to development. When the technology drive is weak, it will directly restrict the innovation of business model, and then affect the development of the entire Internet industry. As an important technical force in the field of IT, artificial intelligence promotes the innovation of business models and creates great business value. According to data released by relevant institutions, the market size of artificial intelligence will reach 40.6 billion us dollars or 270 billion yuan by 2024, compared with 49 billion yuan or less than one eighth in 2015. The whole artificial intelligence market will show explosive growth in the future.
Through data, algorithm, computing scene and other technical basis of artificial intelligence from the Internet to a number of areas to expand penetration. It's not hard to understand why the giants are putting ai so high. In recent years, giants such as Google, Microsoft and amazon have continuously strengthened their investment in artificial intelligence research and development and application, so as to seize the next draught. It can be said that artificial intelligence has risen to the strategic level of major companies.
At its launch earlier this year, letv presented a scene in which your driverless car would drive up to you and, depending on the actual road conditions, intelligentlyrecommend the fastest route to take you home. All you have to do is sit in the car listening to music and watching video free your hands and enjoy the fun of this self-driving car.
Mobile phones become life assistants mobile Internet new life is just around the corner
In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone is an important entrance, which can realize life, work, entertainment and other one-stop function services. Today, artificial intelligence has quietly entered people's lives. The combination of artificial intelligence and mobile phones will become the personal assistant of users with a brand new product form and create more convenient and intelligent mobile life services.
With the popularization of third-party mobile payment represented by WeChat and alipay, people's mobile payment habit is gradually developed. A mobile phone can complete the payment function in various scenarios. While mobile phone payment brings convenient operation, it also has payment risks. Faced with this problem, relevant companies are starting to develop facial recognition payment function, hoping that with the help of artificial intelligence visual recognition and image processing technology, the function can be applied in real-name authentication, reset password, change and tie the mobile phone, risk payment verification and other links, so as to simplify the operation and improve the safety factor.

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