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Photos will "tell" stories, VR experience "long march"
Core hints :Intelligent robot, thought uav, giant screen holographic projection, VR experience... Today, the 2019 China (nanjing) cultural and technological integration fair will be held in nanjing international exhibition center. The innovative achievements of more

Release date:2019-11-30

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 Intelligent robot, thought uav, giant screen holographic projection, VR experience... Today, the 2019 China (nanjing) cultural and technological integration fair will be held in nanjing international exhibition center. The innovative achievements of more than 400 enterprises nationwide bring together the cultural applications of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and will lead the citizens to experience the infinite possibilities of "culture + technology".
With the theme of "new era, new system, new experience", the cultural science and technology fair covers an area of 35,000 square meters, with over 400 cultural science and technology enterprises participating in the fair. The main venue is divided into four sections: "achievements of national demonstration base for integrating culture and science and technology" and "achievements of industrial supporting system construction", respectively displaying the latest achievements of national demonstration base and relevant cultural industry platform institutions; "Innovative technology and cultural experience" and "content production and communication modernization", respectively from the perspective of "technology support" and "content production", highlight the cultural application of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the exhibition site to explore the pavilion, in nanjing national culture and science and technology integration demonstration base exhibition area, one side long 9.6 meters, 2.7 meters wide giant screen is quite "attractive". This is based on "LED grid projection display technology" bo show projection display system by local enterprises platinum photovoltaic research and development, won the United States, the European Union and domestic patent license, with a picture not dazzling, color soft real nature, the whole screen seamless, ultra-thin ultra-quiet etc, can be widely applied to the monitoring center, classroom teaching, theaters, entertainment, exhibition hall, meeting room, etc.
Wang yajun, technology director of platinum optronics, told reporters that this huge screen looks huge, but in fact the body is very thin, the thickness of the entire screen is not more than 4.3 cm. "Surface luminescence" imaging replaces "point luminescence" imaging with small spacing LED. Each projection unit is diffusely reflected, which overcomes the shortcoming of direct glare of traditional display products and perfectly eliminates the Moorish lines that often appear when shooting ordinary screens with mobile phones.
Oudi technology, another nanjing company, has brought the first 86-inch interactive blackboard PRO for the third-generation intelligent classroom in China. This interactive blackboard realizes the traditional blackboard and multimedia teaching organic combination, seamless switch, support ordinary chalk, dust free chalk and all kinds of ink pen writing, but also through hd display and interactive touch, play teaching courseware, video, pictures, animation and annotation multimedia teaching functions. Its quantum display technology can effectively filter blue light and achieve the effect of environmental protection.
Get close to "the photo that can tell a story", scan the qr code can let the person in the photo "speak", evoking the vivid memory of the freeze moment; Cloud brocade dhualou VR panoramic loom allows the audience to experience cloud brocade weaving by using virtual reality technology. Put on VR glasses and enter the virtual exhibition hall, feeling the hardships of the red army's long march in the 10-minute immersive experience... At the exhibition site, the deep integration of culture and technology makes each "black technology" full of a sense of the future become a new scene of the intelligent future that people can see and touch.
Domestic animated movie nezha's demon child came out of the blue this summer, raking in nearly 5 billion yuan at the box office. Yuanguang digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of huabo creative, helped produce the scene in which nezha was born. Yuhuatai exhibition hall has set up a photo clock for nezha fans, and the movie clips produced by yuatai digital will also be shown to remind fans of the cool scene of the coming of the demon boy.

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