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2019 China(Beijing) International AGV Mobile Robot Exhibition
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Release date:2018-12-10

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 Time: June 28-30, 2019 Location: Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center
AGV Car Industry Alliance
China Smart Storage Industry Association
It also created the Intelligent Robot Industry Research Institute
Beijing Information Industry Association
Beijing Electronic Appliances Association
Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department
Japan Robot Industry Association
Korea Robot Industry Association
Journal Industry News Agency
Taiwan Intellectual Automation and Robotics Association
Shanghai Rena Exhibition Service Co. Ltd..
Shanghai Vision Exhibition Service Co., Ltd..
[Specially invited units]
Machine Development Technology Co., Ltd..
Shenzhen Ou Yi Robot Co., Ltd..
Guangdong Jiateng Robot Automation Co., Ltd..
Linde(China) Forklift Co., Ltd..
Hangfork Group Co., Ltd..
Taiwan Lifu Machinery Equipment(Qingdao) Co., Ltd..
Shenzhen Jiashun Intelligent Robots Co., Ltd..
Shenzhen Myrtle Technology Co. Ltd..
Research China Co., Ltd..
Smart Technology Limited
Shanghai Elite Wide Use Power Technology Co. Ltd..
Danish MIR
Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd..
Guangzhou Xike Sensor Co., Ltd..
[Exhibition background]
Welcome to the 2019 Beijing International AGV Mobile Robot Exhibition, which will be held in Beijing on June 28-30, 2019. Comprehensive display of AGV car complete machine and core parts, intelligent warehousing system integrator and equipment manufacturer, aims to provide an excellent display platform for AGV, automatic guidance vehicle manufacturer, integrator, operator and component supplier from all over the world, A centralized and enhanced viewing platform for participants interested in purchasing AGV. At the same time, we and our partners also invited nearly 100 industry think tanks and experts to give excellent lectures at nearly 20 forums, seminars and salons held during the same period.
The exhibition focuses on industry applications, Comprehensive coverage of logistics services, transportation, warehousing, distribution, railways, shipping, air transport, ports, postal services, express delivery, freight forwarders, automotive manufacturing, 3C electronics, home appliance manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, food packaging, construction machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, Ship manufacturing, heavy machinery, metallurgical industry, motorcycles, electric vehicles, medical equipment, ceramics, die-casting and casting, glass, stationery, daily chemistry, pharmaceuticals, brick-making, elevators, tobacco, photovoltaic and other fields. The successful holding of the exhibition over the years and the increasing scale and brand influence of the exhibition have provided an ideal trading and display platform for every industry enterprise that hopes to occupy a place in the tide of unmanned handling and smart storage, and meet the needs of professional buyers for one-stop purchasing. This has boosted the transformation and development of China's unmanned handling, intelligent warehousing and AGV car industry!
[scope of display]
AGV whole machine products: AGV automatic moving car, AGV unmanned moving car, omnidirectional mobile AGV car, smart AGV car, magnetic navigation AGV car, trackless navigation AGV car, magnetic navigation forklift AGV, AGV unmanned moving car, various types of AGV car, automatic navigation car , laser navigation vehicle, etc.;
AGV car core components: positioning components, structural components, guidance components, drive units, control units, mechanical components, sensors, moving chassis, drive wheels, batteries, servo motors, DC motors, charging Motors, relays, controllers, brakes, decelerators , actuators, bearings, carrying agencies, alarm lights, site identification, communication module electronic labels, touch screens, supporting logistics equipment;
Report to the exhibition: June 26-27, 2019(09:00 -17:00) Opening time: June 28, 2019(09:00)
Exhibition time: June 28-30, 2019(09:00 -16:30) Closing time: June 30, 2019(14:30)
[Full impact on user industry]
Pay attention to buyer organizations and invite local and global user companies to participate, including:
The leadership of the state and local competent departments, large enterprises, institutions, trade organizations and other relevant units;
Logistics services, transportation, warehousing, distribution, railways, shipping, air transportation, ports, postal services, express delivery, freight forwarders and other logistics enterprises;
Automotive manufacturing, warehousing logistics, 3C electronics, home appliance manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, food packaging, engineering machinery, construction machinery, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, metallurgical industry, motorcycles, electric vehicles, medical equipment, ceramics, die-casting and casting, glass , stationery, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, brick-making, elevator, tobacco, photovoltaic, communications and other industrial manufacturing industries;
Supermarkets, wholesale markets, logistics parks, commercial distribution centers, large-scale bookstores, publishing and printing institutions, grain, and military logistics organizations;
Universities, scientific research institutions, municipal design institutes, research institutes, industrial guiles/societies, financial institutions, media, etc.;
[Comprehensive and accurate promotion]
Promote the exhibition through cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts and relevant trade associations;
Send invitations to professional buyers and distributors at home and abroad by mail, fax, email, etc..
Direct mail to key buyers, and advance registration, pre-issue admission cards;
By placing a large number of advertisements in Baidu and Google, targeted invitations to send mobile phone text messages to several key areas;
Through the domestic and foreign related exhibitions, magazines, websites and other in-depth cooperation, exhibition information covers the entire industry chain;
Using anti-aircraft advertisements, subways, WeChat public numbers, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, and peer exhibitions to launch a large number of advertisements;
[Exhibition procedures]
1. Fill in booth application form, stamp and post or fax to organizing committee.
2. Within three days of applying for the booth, wire transfer or hand over the full amount of the exhibition expenses to the organizing committee. The principle of allocation of booths is: "Apply first, pay first, and arrange first". Otherwise, the organizer will abandon the exhibition and no longer retain the booth.
3. The exhibitor may not transfer or sublet the booth to another person, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to take back the booth and the booth fee is not refunded.
4. After the organizer receives the "Application Form" and the full fee of the exhibition stand, the organizer will send the invoice and the "Exhibition Manual" to the exhibitors.
[Organizing Committee]
Shanghai Lina Exhibition Services Co. Ltd.. Shanghai Vision Exhibition Services Co. Ltd..
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