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IBTE-2019 Third Shenzhen International Lithium Technology Exhibition
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Release date:2018-12-10

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 IBTE-2019 Third Shenzhen International Lithium Technology Exhibition

Shenzhen International technology exchange 2019
2019 Fifth China International Lithium and Electric Vehicle Technology Development Summit Forum and Annual Meeting
2019 China Lithium Battery Industry Annual Brand Selection Activities
November 4-6, 2019 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Power Lithium, energy storage lithium, 3C lithium
Cylinder, Square, soft pack.
Sponsor: First Lithium Grid
Lithium 100 People Association
China Charging Pile Network
Shenzhen Battery Industry Association
Peng Chengzhi
Co-organizer: Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing Association
Shenzhen Robotics Association
TendBankpotential silver
Dongguan Lithium Industry Association
China Academy of Sciences Electric Automobile Research and Development Center
Support Association: Shenzhen Electric Vehicle Industry Association
Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association
Professional Media: First Lithium Power Grid Electric Travel Network Electric Resource Network
China Electric Vehicle Network China New Energy Vehicle Network EV Vision
First Electric Network High Power Lithium Electric First Robot Network
China Charging Pile Network China Electric Tool Network China Passenger Car Network
Lithium Large Data OFweek Lithium Grid First Storage Energy Network
Magazine: "International Electric and Lithium Power" "Modern Charging Pile" magazine
Financial Media: China Securities Network Daily Finance Network China Economic Network Finance
NetEase Sina Sohu Tencent Phoenix Headline Interface
Contractors: Shanghai He Li Exhibition Co., Ltd.. He Li Exhibition(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd..
[Exhibition Introduction]
Welcome to the 3rd Shenzhen International Lithium Technology Exhibition 2019, abbreviation: Shenzhen Lithium Technology Exhibition IBTE, this is one of the most professional lithium battery technology exhibitions in China, focusing on: Lithium power, Lithium energy storage, 3C Lithium power.
The exhibition was organized by: Lithium 100 People's Meeting, First Lithium Grid, China Charging Pile Network, Heli Expo Group, Shenzhen Battery Industry Association, and Pengcheng Zhijian! Held in the same period: the 5th China International Lithium and Electric Vehicle Technology Development Summit(BRICS Lithium Summit), Shenzhen Electric Vehicle and Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen Energy Storage Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen Wireless Recharge Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen Charging Pile Technology Equipment Exhibition, 2019 China Lithium Battery Industry annual brand selection activities.
As the leading lithium battery technology exhibition in the industry, IBTE has been recognized and affirmed by many well-known companies at home and abroad. The 2018 Shenzhen Lithium Technology Exhibition has grown by 100 % from the previous year, and it has become China's premier lithium battery professional exhibition. The IBTE Shenzhen Lithium Technology Exhibition has played a positive role in the development of the lithium battery industry in China. It has also become an indispensable platform for industry exchanges, learning, and procurement. The organizer takes the theme of 'cooperation, innovation, and win-win' as the theme and actively prepares for the 2019 Shenzhen Lithium Technology Exhibition. At the same time, the organizer will actively promote the lithium battery industry chain and supporting customers to discuss the direction of industrial development.
According to the first lithium power grid forecast that the global lithium battery market will reach RMB 230 billion in 2020, it is expected that the size of China's power lithium battery industry will exceed RMB 160 billion in 2020. From this, we can see that China's lithium power market has entered the era of power battery drive ahead of schedule. Among them, columns, soft packs, and squares have attracted much attention.
The development of lithium electricity looks at China, the development of lithium electricity in China looks at Shenzhen, and IBTE opens China's most professional lithium electricity production and research business as an integrated exchange platform!
In order to promote the sound and rapid development of the lithium electricity industry in China, the organizers have made every effort to build a high-end lithium battery industry exchange platform and the 2019 Third Shenzhen International Lithium Power Technology Exhibition has a total scale of more than 30,000 square meters. Exhibitors are expected to exceed 500 and professional audiences are expected to exceed 30,000.
Display scope:
Lithium batteries: power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries;
Power core: Square core, cylindrical core, soft core;
Lithium electrical materials: positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes, electrolytes, isolation membranes, graphene, electrode foil insulation tubes, activated carbon, Ionic aqueous solutions, hydrogen absorbent alloys, sealants, adhesives, aluminum plastic membranes, steel shells, aluminum shells, other related materials;
Testing equipment: flowmeter, charging and discharging test equipment, insulation tester, life test machine, impedance test machine, internal resistance tester, other test, verification, analysis equipment;
Lithium battery equipment: electrode manufacturing equipment, shredder, mixing mixer, coating equipment, drying machine, roll press, slicing cutting equipment, centrifuge, stamping machine, electrode assembly equipment, electrode plate winder, electrode stack equipment, baking machine, electrolyte injection equipment, Packaging equipment, laser welding machine, battery assembly equipment, charging equipment, spray machine, glove box, marking machine, battery zinc cylinder, steel shell punching machine, other related equipment;
Related equipment: drying room, humidity regulator, charger, protection IC, battery box, DC AC converter, Transformer, circuit breaker;
Storage shelves, testing centers, certification agencies, lithium battery environmental protection equipment, recycling technology.
Automatic robots: industrial robots and parts, spray robots, stacking robots, moving robots, assembly robots, lasers, welding robots, rectangular coordinate robots, robot integrated applications, overall solutions, high-end numerical control systems, etc..
Intelligent control systems: control systems, PLCs, SCADA, sensors and actuators, servo motors, connectors, human-machine interfaces, motion servo, chassis cabinets, embedded, industrial power supply, electrical electricians, wire and cable accessories, electrical equipment, process and energy automation systems
Machine vision: smart cameras, industrial lenses, board cards, accessories, light sources, image processing systems, machine vision integration, machine vision accessories, industrial measurements, instrumentation, flowmeters, testing and testing equipment
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