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Korean Robot Exhibition "2018 ROBOT WORLD" held in Rishan
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Release date:2018-10-17

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 2018 Korea Robot World Industry Exhibition ROBOT WORLD

Exhibition time SHOW TIME
Exhibition time: October 10-13, 2018
Exhibition venue: Kintex Korea International Exhibition Center
Sponsor: KAR(Robotics Industry Association Korea) KIRIA(Korea Institute Robotics Industry Promotion) ICROS(Control Institute, Robots and Systems)
Exhibition cycle: once a year
Contractors(China): Beijing Huading International Exhibition Co., Ltd..
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Presentation of about THE SHOW
ROBOT WORLD, a South Korean robot world industry exhibition, is so far a large robot industry exhibition in South Korea and one of the three major robot exhibitions in the world. In the same period, it also held the "Robot TV Exhibition" and the "Korea International Robot Competition." The industry exhibition was hosted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resources of Korea, and jointly organized by the Korea Robotics Industry Association, the Korea Robotic Industry Promotion Institute, and the Robot Operating System Society. The last exhibition exhibited a variety of robots and related products, including industry, personal services, education, medical care, military robots, and factory automation systems, robot parts and software, and drones. It is a large-scale robot exhibition in Northeast Asia. During the exhibition, the "Korea Industry Exhibition" will also be opened. The audience will also take this opportunity to widely understand the development of related industries such as machinery, metal, parts and materials.
Last review:
The last exhibition will have 150 related companies at home and abroad to participate in an unprecedented scale. Last year, for the tenth time, 20 companies from 12 countries, including Universal Robots, Lego, Matsushita and Toshiba, will participate. Including these overseas companies, the total number of exhibitors this year reached 220, and the total number of booths reached 700, an unprecedented scale.
Exhibit scope PRODUCTS RANGE
Industrial robot whole machine: welding robot, spraying robot, stacking robot, moving robot, assembling robot, rectangular coordinate robot, other industrial robot, etc..
Service Robots: Homework Robots, Entertainment Robots, Disabled Robots, Residential Security and Surveillance Robots, etc..
Special robots: field robots, professional cleaning robots, medical robots, logistics robots, inspection maintenance robots, construction robots, underwater robots, defense rescue and safety applications robots, etc..
Core components: controller, reducer, servo motor, testing equipment, welding equipment, spraying equipment, handling equipment, special wires and cables, sensors, related software, etc..
Machine vision: black and white, color smart camera, image compression / decompressor card, color collection card, industrial lens, industrial camera, light source system, image processing system, machine vision integration system, image processing software, accessories and auxiliary products, etc..
System integration applications: robot integration applications, robot workstations, intelligent production lines, etc..

Contact information
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