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2019 9th Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition
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Release date:2018-10-17

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 Welcome to the "2019 9th Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition" jointly created by the Shenzhen Automation Society and Hong Kong Trade Development Group. The abbreviation: "ARE Shenzhen 2019" will be held on September 10-12, 2019. Grand opening at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will focus on industrial robotics and parts, industrial automation, smart factory solutions, artificial intelligence robots, 3D printing, machine vision \ sensors, non-standard equipment customization and industrial assembly lines and other product fields, through professional and branded operation mode, The elite gathered to explore new trends in the development of the industry!

"2019 9th Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition" represents the unstoppable integration trend in the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing in South China. The exhibition focuses on the application of the industry, covering 3C electronics, mechanical & mechanical, automotive manufacturing, hardware & molds, metal processing, steel & metallurgical, energy and electricity, rubber plastic \ packaging, food \ medicine and other fields. Over the years, the successful hosting of the exhibition has provided an ideal business platform for every corporate brand that hopes to occupy a place in the industry 4.0 tide, and has best met the needs of professional buyers for one-stop shopping. Thus strongly promoted the transformation and upgrading of South China's manufacturing industry and leapfrogging development!

Reporting for exhibition:
Sunday, September 08, 2019 08:30 -17:30
Monday, September 09, 2019 08:30 -17:30
September 10, 2019 Tuesday 09:00 -17:00
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 09:00 -17:00
Thursday, 12 September 2019 09:00 -15:00
Thursday, 12 September 2019 15:00 -22:00
institutional framework
Organizer: Shenzhen Automatic Chemistry Society
Asian Automation and Robotics Association
Hong Kong Trade Development Group Co., Ltd..
Contractors: Shanghai Trade Development Services Limited
Support unit: Japan Robotics Industry Association
Korea Robot Industry Association
Taiwan Intellectual Automation and Robotics Association
Official media: Asian Automation and Robotics Network

Industrial Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Area: Industrial Robots native machines, robot development platforms and software, robot parts, robots, 3D printing, AGV moving carts, material handling equipment, industrial 4.0 smart factory overall solutions;
Industrial automation exhibition area: transmission, mechanical driving systems and parts, mechanical and electrical parts and auxiliary equipment, industrial electrical systems,
Industrial control systems, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, connectors, low voltage switching devices,
Human interface devices, Microsystem technology, laser technology, mechanical parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communications, etc..
Artificial Intelligence Robot Exhibition Area: Home Service Robot, Intelligent Customer Service Robot, Food Service Robot, Welcome Robot, Brain-like Robot, Children Robot, Bionics \ Real Robot, Educational Robot, Medical Robot, Clean Robot, Sensor Robot, Interactive Robot, Autonomous Robot , entertainment robots, drones, smart commercial robots, patrol robots, etc.;
Machine vision and sensor technology exhibition area: image processing system, machine vision integration, sensor technology and applications, smart cameras and accessories, industrial lenses, light source \ board cards, machine vision software packages, grating, etc.;
Industrial assembly and non-standard equipment custom exhibition area: electronic intelligent equipment, patch machine, robot integration application, intelligent assembly and transmission equipment, material supply and connection technology, drive-control-test system, fixture, custom non-standard aircraft in various industries, etc.;
Previous review
On September 14, 2018, the "2018 Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition(ARE Shenzen2018)", which lasted for three days, was successfully completed at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, nearly 33,088 Chinese and foreign guests were received. Exhibitors and professional buyers actively participated in the exhibition, and once again verified the influence and appeal of the smart manufacturing industry event in South China!

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