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2018 Shenzhen international robot and industrial automation exhibition
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Release date:2018-05-16

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2018 SIMM 19th Shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition
2018 Shenzhen international robot and industrial automation exhibition
2018 Shenzhen mechanical exhibition. sheet metal / laser / stamping / die casting and casting exhibition
[ exhibition time ] March 29 - April 1, 2018
[ organizer ] Shenzhen huanyue conference and exhibition co., ltd.
Shenzhen xieguang convention and exhibition co., ltd.
china shenzhen machinery association
[ organizer ] Shenzhen huanyue conference and exhibition co., ltd.
[ exhibition venue ] Shenzhen exhibition center
[ exhibition contact ] department 2 of SIMM business of Shenzhen machinery exhibition
Contact person: Hu Wei 18221027326 ( wechat )
Tel.: 021 - 61537248
Qq: 892449796 ( please indicate the exhibition )
Introduction to the exhibition
Industrial events in China's southern and even global machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
On March 29, 2018, the 19th Shenzhen international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition ( SIMM 2018 ), a high-profile manufacturing event in south China, continued to open in Shenzhen exhibition center. As the first international professional exhibition recognized and recommended by ufi in south China, Shenzhen machinery exhibition, which is also one of Shenzhen brand exhibitions, has successfully held 18 sessions so far. With the world's top brand manufacturers gathering, SIMM has transformed from a traditional exhibition mode of display, trading and purchasing to a large-scale international exchange platform with intelligent manufacturing systems, advanced technology, personalized processing solutions, theme forums with industry characteristics and other representatives of modern manufacturing technologies. On the other hand, with the strong industry influence and customer resources of the exhibition and Shenzhen machinery industry association, SIMM has built a broader docking service platform for exhibitors and large-scale exhibition enterprises during the non-exhibition period. more than 100 enterprise visits, main conference activities and " 1 to 1" exchanges and matches organized during the non-exhibition period each year are the outstanding features of SIMM that are completely different from other exhibitions.
Booth fee:
Guangdi booth ( 36 square meters minimum order ): 1100 yuan - 1500 / square meters ( the prices of different specialty exhibition areas are slightly different, this price does not apply to the middle hall exhibition area on the second floor, please check the specific prices at the booth sales staff )
Standard booth: 11000 yuan / 9 square meters
Simm 2018 professional exhibition area division:
Museum 1: exhibition area of metal cutting machine tools
The most advanced cutting products and application programs bring you competitive advantages over your peers in production.
Simm Shenzhen machinery exhibition metal cutting machine tool exhibition area is based on the huge market demand of south China's manufacturing and processing enterprises. After 17 years of development, it has now become one of the core exhibition areas of Shenzhen machinery exhibition, bringing together the innovative achievements of digitalization, intelligence and informatization in the field of metal processing worldwide, presenting all-round equipment and technical products in the field of metal processing from the perspective of internationalization, specifically to meet the needs of the metal processing market in south China.
Museum 2 / museum 3: exhibition area of sheet metal machine tools
Dedicated to promoting " automatic and intelligent" sheet metal processing in factories
With the increasing demand for metal products in the market and the rapid development of south China's manufacturing industry, SIMM Shenzhen machinery exhibition sheet metal machine tool exhibition area has chosen to display its most advanced technology here for many years, including tiantian, tongkuai, baichao, daizu, avi, jinfangyuan, Savani ni, yangli, yangforging, guangying and xingforging, which are world-class sheet metal processing equipment manufacturers. Simm has become one of the two most professional metal sheet processing technology exhibitions in China.
Simm 2018 is expected to see more than 300 manufacturers in metal forming fields such as sheet metal, stamping and stamping automation come together. the exhibits cover the entire sheet metal processing industry chain from uncoiling, leveling, laser cutting / stamping, shearing, grooving / folding, surface treatment, inspection, bonding and fastening, with an emphasis on displaying advanced processing technology and automatic production lines. Whether you are building a small factory or a large enterprise with heavy processing capacity, SIMM can satisfy your equipment purchase, process improvement and intelligent solutions.
Hall 4: exhibition area for precision machinery parts and metal materials
A fulcrum to leverage the south China special steel market
The exhibition area of precision machinery parts and metal materials is the exhibition area created by Shenzhen machinery exhibition ( SIMM ) around the theme of metal cutting and metal forming exhibition. it is the exhibition and trading platform for the complete industrial chain of metal materials - metal processing - mold manufacturing - precision machinery parts / hardware upstream and downstream. The pearl river delta's strong metal processing capability benefited from the introduction of advanced overseas technology, advanced machine tools and advanced management modes in its early years, and gradually grew into a leading market position for precision metal processing in China. SIMM is just the big stage that reflects the pearl river delta's metal processing supermarket.
World-class enterprises bring the latest metal materials. flexible material distributors provide personalized customization and high-quality service. The pearl river delta has accumulated more than 30 years of metal processing enterprises to provide molds, high precision mechanical parts, etc. to meet various product requirements. Attracted a large number of enterprises in automobile, electronics, 3c, medical devices, engineering machinery, marine aviation, energy, communications and other industries from all over the world to discuss and purchase the design and processing of metal materials, molds and accessories, hardware and precision machinery parts.
Museum automation theme activity and intelligent experience museum No. 5
Hall 6 / hall 7: exhibition area of industrial automation and measurement technology
South China's industry-leading industrial automation professional exhibition is dedicated to promoting the implementation of smart factories
Shenzhen machinery exhibition ( SIMM ) is one of the largest and oldest platforms for exchange of technology and products in south China's precision processing and manufacturing industry chain. Industrial automation professional exhibition area on comprehensive industrial automation solutions, production and process automation products, electrical systems, mechanical transmission, and hydraulic pressure actuators. It covers a series of automation-related products and applications from industrial automation components to complete sets of equipment and comprehensive solutions for industrial automation in factories.
After years of continuous development, the exhibition has become one of the most attractive professional exhibitions in the field of industrial automation and robotics in south China. For exhibitors from all over the world and high-end buyers from automobile manufacturing, household appliances, consumer electronics, communications, computers, OA equipment, electronic equipment, electronic semiconductors, liquid crystal, electric machines, medical devices, watches, glasses, jewelry, printing and packaging equipment, food and beverage industries in south China, policymakers, engineers and technical personnel to build a convenient and efficient business platform to maintain customer relations, promote new products, establish corporate brand image and further enhance market competitive advantages.
Museum 8: special exhibition area for robots and integrated applications
South China's industry-leading robot professional exhibition focuses on intelligent upgrading and transformation of manufacturing industry and promotes the implementation of intelligent factory landing. In order to meet the diversified needs of intelligent transformation in the industrial manufacturing field, boost the development process of " automation - intelligence - unmanned" in modern manufacturing industry in our country, and speed up the implementation of automatic upgrading and transformation of factories! The robot and application exhibition area of Shenzhen machinery exhibition ( SIMM ) breaks through the traditional exhibition format. starting from the need of upgrading and reforming the factory, it is its duty to solve the implementation problem of intelligent factory landing. relying on the exhibition, it realizes the information sharing and business contact between the exhibitors and the audience. The special exhibition area on robots and applications focuses on the world famous brand robots, robot application schemes, non-standard automation equipment, fa automation parts applications, etc. After years of continuous development, it has become one of the most attractive professional exhibitions in the field of industrial automation and robotics in south China.
Hall 9 and seiko avenue on the second floor: exhibition area for processing tools, tools and parts
Tens of thousands of professional audiences have gathered and grown in size for 17 consecutive years.
Shenzhen machinery exhibition is based on machinery manufacturing industry and has been cultivating south China for 17 years. The cutting tools, machine tools and parts processing exhibition area of Shenzhen machinery exhibition has gathered all the world's major cutting tool brands, large hard alloy factories, machine tools and other enterprises, and has become the largest and only cutting tool theme exhibition in south China at present. Located in the pearl river delta, China's important machinery processing industry base, from the early display of product characteristics to the present display of massive personalized tool application solutions according to market development trends, the tool, machine tool and parts processing exhibition area is continuously innovating, providing exhibitors and users with a high-end exchange platform for the industry. In the future, we will join hands with exhibitors and users to move towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing and witness together the next ten years of Chinese manufacturing.
Meet Shenzhen machinery exhibition before, during and after the exhibition
Simm Shenzhen machinery exhibition business ii
Contact person: Hu Wei 18221027326 ( wechat )
Tel.: 021 - 61537248 54152970
Qq: 892449796 ( please indicate the exhibition )
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