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3rd China smart city industry development ( Shanghai ) forum
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Release date:2018-07-16

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Building a smart city is an important measure taken by the state to drive development through innovation, promote new urbanization and build a well-to-do society in an all-round way. In March this year, premier Li Keqiang put forward the " internet plus" action plan for the first time in his government work report and stressed the need to develop " smart cities". " internet plus" is a new form and format of internet development under innovation 2.0 and an evolution of internet form driven by knowledge society innovation 2.0, which will stimulate and drive the overall development of the entire it industry chain from upstream equipment design, production and installation, to application development, information integration and cloud computing in the middle reaches, and to operations in various fields downstream. At the same time, the " smart city" will gradually involve the integration and application of more fields and build a larger and higher-level industrial ecological circle, thus creating a " smart city" and " smart China".
With the continuous development of smart cities, the world has entered an era of globalization and informationization. whether it is people's livelihood or industrial production, how can we penetrate the concept of wisdom into every field of people's production and life and realize diversified intelligent development? The 3rd China smart city industry development ( Shanghai ) forum will discuss from many perspectives such as the government's macro-policy interpretation, experts' mid-view industry prospect, and micro-application of enterprises, so that we can seek common answers. Perhaps wisdom will never have the ultimate answer and goal. wisdom is on the road to innovation.

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