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2017 China robot industry summit forum ( Tianjin railway station )
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Release date:2018-07-16

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Concurrent exhibition: 6th China ( Tianjin international robot exhibition )
In 2016, China's robot industry continued to boom. Under the favorable environment of both the market and the policy, the scale of the robot industry has maintained a steady growth, the downstream service links are marching towards diversification, the application fields are also steadily expanding, and various provinces, cities and regions have also introduced policies to support the robot industry. As the largest market for robots, China's robot industry will have great opportunities. As one of the national advanced manufacturing research and development bases, Tianjin takes the robot industry as its leading industry, comprehensively promoting the development of industrial agglomeration, industry consolidation and the linkage and integration among industries. With the improvement of the environment and the improvement of the enterprise's own level, the scale of Tianjin robot industry is expected to reach 20 billion yuan by 2020.
Under this background, the " 2017 China robot industry summit forum" jointly hosted by Tianjin zhenwei exhibition co., ltd. and ofewk China hi-tech industry portal and hosted by ofewk robot network will be held at Tianjin Meijiang exhibition center on March 10, 2017. At that time, the conference will create a platform for resource sharing, bringing together elites from core component suppliers, robot manufacturers, robot parts suppliers, system integrators, application enterprises, investment and financing institutions and other sub-sectors to jointly discuss the development path of robots under the Chinese model. The meeting will analyze the new trends of 2017 robot industry from the perspectives of technology application, market analysis, investment and financing opportunities, etc. in order to grasp the pulse of the times and jointly promote the healthy development of China's robot industry. All manufacturers are cordially invited to participate!
Highlights of the meeting:
[ in - depth insight ] all-day conference, with high intensity and focus, presents the ecology and future of robot industry in three dimensions.
[ dry goods storm ] distinguished guests, excellent speeches, peak dialogues, and selection of hot topics in the robot industry.
[ media focus ] specially invited senior media to report on the spot that the market has expanded and the brand awareness has increased. this is only one step.
[ application frontier ] actual combat sharing, industry discussion, learning from the latest scientific research results, and obtaining correct solutions;
[ precision circle layer ] will bring together more than 500 elites in the field of robots such as internationally renowned enterprises and senior experts in the industry to establish advantageous network resources in the industry.

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